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NEW: Warren Fires Back at Brown, “My Parents Are Not Fair Game”

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is firing back at Senator Scott Brown for, what she believes, was an inappropriate statement.

Warren's family history, primarily her claim to be 1/32 Cherokee, has faced scrutiny in recent weeks. When Brown was asked about Warren's family history at a press conference today, he responded by questioning whether or not Warren's parents were completely truthful with her.

"My mom and dad told me a lot of things too," Brown said. "But they're not always true."

Warren released a statement today, calling the Senator out of line, and requesting an apology.

"Scott Brown's comments about my parents are totally out of line," Warren said. "I resent him questioning their honesty. My mother and father are not here to defend themselves and should be off limits. Don and Pauline Herring are not fair game and Scott Brown should apologize."

Warren went on to send an email to supporters further expressing her displeasure, and claiming she will not let go of her identity.

"Scott Brown wants me to give up my family and forget where I came from," Warren wrote in the email. "I'm not doing that-not for politics and not for anything else. I'll hold on to every memory I can. My family is part of who I am, and they will be part of who I am until I die."


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Russell Dee

So Scott Brown is telling us all that his parents were a couple of liars. How sad.

I loved my parents very much and the bible teaches us to honor our mother and father. I always assumed my parents were telling me the truth as they perceived the truth. My parents told me of the different nationalities that make up my heritage and I always assumed what they told me was true. There was no reason whyt I should assume that they were lying to me and I didn't assume that they were lying to me. I assumed that what they told me was the truth. I'm in my 50's and I still believe that what they told me about my heritage is the truth. It was totally reasonable for Elizabeth Warren to believe her parents on this matter. Since Scott Brown has publicly stated that his parents were a couple liars I guess it is reasonable for him to question everything they told him but assuming Elizabeth Warren's parents were honest people then she had would not have had a reason to question them about this issue.

It's sad that Scott Brown's parents were a couple of liars but Scott Brown is judging Elizabeth Warren's parents as if they are the same as his parents, and that is unfair to Elizabeth Warren's parents. Elizabeth Warren has a point. Brown should apologise.

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