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Northboro Tea Party Tackles Term Limits

Monday, January 21, 2013


With Congressional approval ratings at an all-time low and partisan gridlock over the so-called "fiscal cliff" and debt ceiling putting politics before progress, the Northborough Tea Party will be sponsoring a public meeting on Tuesday, January 22, to discuss Congressional term limits in an effort to get Washington working again.

Brian Herr, a former Republican candidate for Congress in Massachusetts' 3rd district, will deliver a talk entitled “Do We Need Term Limits? A Non-Partisan Discussion” at 7p.m. Tuesday at the Northborough Free Public Library, 34 Main Street.

“The recent ‘fiscal cliff’ debacle has highlighted the utter dysfunction of the political process in Washington," Herr said. "Spending cuts, budget deficits, and an ever-increasing debt ceiling will dominate the news in the months and years ahead.”

While the specific problems the country is currently facing may be different, said Herr, the underlying ones are the same.

“Elections come and go, yet the problems are only mounting. Without fundamental reform, little will change across the political landscape of America,” he said. “The Founding Fathers envisioned blacksmiths, farmers and merchants representing the people of our nation in the legislative process. They expected individuals to serve their country then return to their everyday lives.”

Tuesday's talk at the Northborough Free Public Library is free and open to the public, and the Northborough Tea Party encouraged high school students in particular to attend and learn about the process of government.

For more information, contact John O’Mara at 508-393-2044, northboroughteaparty@gmail.com or visit the Northborough Tea Party's website.


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Stephen Quist

The only people ever bringing up "term limits" are those whose message does not resonate with the electorate nor do they care to even purport to represent the people they want electing them.
Term Limits are exercised each and every election and it is up to the challenger to defeat the incumbant....being a challenger in and of itself does not assure voctory....you have to actually want to represent the people you are askinf for their votes from.....republiCants have a very long way to go before they realize they are just marginaklized and are constantly being rejected by an electorate that sees through their false premises....tbc

Stephen Quist

the northboro tea partiers are so far removed from being actual American citizens they are on the cliff of tolatarianism

Sandy Williamson

Well said Quist, with your usual, uncivil discourse and name calling. Have you ever met anyone at a Northboro Tea Party meeting? If so, can you please tell us their name(s), and what specifically makes you conclude they are "on the cliff of totalitarianism", wherever that might be.

Stephen Quist

oh right sandy williamson the "blog police" no apologies sandy just speaking to the unvarnished truth sorry you cannot comprehend other people have different opinions other than yours......been to the teapartier debate in northboro when the great American patriot Congresman McGovern took part in dismantling the extremist agenda....had Brian Herr been running the republiCants may have fared better......met the foolish old goat teapartier that ran against State Senator Chandler and got his clock cleaned.......

Stephen Quist

In fact the last statewide election your fellow teapartiers would not even acknowledge their membership in your extremist group because they would be shunned and ignored for their rightwing agenda.....simonian, mccarthy, colorio, etc....all though members of the extremist ran away from being identified as teapartiers.....that speaks volumns

Stephen Quist

the column point was about term limits and again I will state - term limits are for those not able to win an election so they want to tip the scales of balance into their favor not by earning their way but by regulating others their democratic beliefs and right to vote for the candidate of their choosing

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