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O’Malley Swears Off PAC Money, Can Keefe Afford To Do Same?

Friday, September 14, 2012


The Republican candidate for State Representative in Worcester's 15th District issued a statement on Thursday pledging not to accept any special interest or PAC money.

Brian O'Malley went on to challenge his opponent Democrat Mary Keefe, who emerged victorious from a five-way primary last week, to do the same.

"I think it's important that the people from the district get the feeling that they're the ones being represented," O'Malley said.

The Candidates' Coffers

In terms of campaign contributions, Keefe sat head and shoulders above her primary competitors, racking up just shy of $25,000 between January 1 and the August 19 deadline for reporting.

Less than half of those funds were expended during the first eight months of the year, and the Keefe campaign had $13,637.48 still in its war chest.

Of the $24,974.48 Keefe collected, $5,700 came from unions and other political action committees and organizations.

Representatives from the Keefe campaign could not be reached for comment before press time.

For his part, O'Malley brought in a total of $751.76, a combination of candidate loans and individual donations.

O'Malley attributed the dearth of donations to the generally bleak view of his chances at victory in the heavily-Democratic 15th District.

"A lot of the big power players in the Republican party have told me that this is a lost cause and not to waste my time," he said.

"I was told not even to run."

But O'Malley is running, and whatever ground--or green--he gains between now and November will be his own.

"I'll do what I can do with what I've got," he said.

Veteran Advice

City Councilor Kate Toomey, who ran in the field of five for the Democratic nod in the 15th Worcester District, was somewhat perplexed by O'Malley's decision to forego all donations from PACs and third-party groups.

"I question the thought process in that," she said. "I think it's short-sighted."

Toomey said that by the time primary day rolled around, she had collected close to $20,000, which was on target for the total of $25,000 she had estimated she would need if she won the primary and continued campaign through to November.

"Campaigns are incredibly expensive," she said.

"If I were in there I would be looking for as much money as possible."


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Stephen Quist

O'Malley has no chance......by running on the republiCant ticket and hoping to appeal to the new 15th Worcester District is a non-starter.
RepubliCants have no chance in hell to make any substantive inroads in getting elected in Worcester or throughout the state because of they lack the values and principles of the average voter.
Until they can figure out a way to actually communicate and listen to the people they will always be relegated to the trash pile of history and Massachusetts will continue to be a one-party state......republiCants have only themselves to blame for this situation

Edward Saucier

Ha, ha, that's really funny. Brian O'Malley is swearing off PAC money after the PAC money swore off him. He couldn't even take the good advise from his own party that he was dead meat from the gitgo. O'Malley has got to be Tea Party material, a candidate in search of a brain. O'Malley should go down the yellow brick road and admit himself into a mental institution. Who knows maybe he can even get big government to pick up the tab.

Nice spiel by "Q" about the RepubliCants and all of their flaws - I agree - yet he sings the praises of RepubliCant Scott Brown. You make me wonder about you "Q," you really do.

Stephen Quist

Hi Ed..........I vote the candidate not the party.
If the Dems had put forth a credible candidate - I might have re-considered.
Unfortuantely Liz W is anything but a credible candidate in my opinion.

Harvey Beehive

I guess we can see to whom Keefe is committed. Not one private individual donor on the list. Another moonbat hack. Makes ya sick...

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