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Paul Giorgio: Scott Brown is Sarah Palin in a Suit

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Let’s get this straight, Scott Brown is delusional. He is nothing more than Sarah Palin in a suit. No, scratch that--Sarah Palin in a Barn Jacket is more apropos. His latest gambit in his attempt to be relevant is laughable.

Last week former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown showed up in Iowa ostensibly to test the presidential waters. Then again, maybe he might have thought that the Marshfield Fair didn’t offer corn dogs as good as those at the Iowa State Fair.

Recap of Brown's Career

Let’s recap Scott Brown’s career. He went from showing it all in Playgirl Magazine to showing his constituents nothing at all in his two years as a United States Senator.

Good looking and lucky, but according to his state senate colleagues not overly bright, Brown catapulted onto the national stage by winning the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.

Simply put, Brown caught lightning in a bottle. He defeated Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley after she had a bruising primary fight. Her general election campaign lacked passion, vision and direction.

This was coupled with the zenith of the Tea Party’s influence and unprecedented anger against both President Obama and the Democrats, mostly caused by the passage of National Healthcare.

Two years later Brown found himself on the losing end of a senate fight in which Elizabeth Warren beat him by almost 8 percentage points--a blowout by all accounts..

What happened in those two years? Well, the anger at President Obama dissipated when people realized that national healthcare wasn't the work of the devil. Additionally, voters discovered just how whacked and out of the mainstream the Tea Party was.

Additionally, Brown started voting with Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership.

So what has Scott Brown been doing since he lost his two-year term in the United States Senate?

Well he signed on as a commentator on the Fox News network. I’m sure he gets paid for that.

The other full time job Brown has had is getting his name mentioned for every open elected seat in America.

Let’s recap the list.

First he had himself mentioned as a candidate for Secretary of State and former Senator John Kerry’s vacant senate seat.The SEAT Ed Markey just won by beating Gabriel Gomez.

A week later he was mentioned as a potential candidate for Massachusetts Governor in 2014, and then Brown floated another foolish electoral quest. He claimed that he was going to move across the border and challenge New Hampshire’s first term democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Shaheen is very popular. Prior to her election to the senate, Shaheen was a three-term governor--the only Democratic Governor to do that.

Then starting on Sunday August 18th, Brown found himself in the headlines twice. On Sunday it was reported that he was in Iowa testing the waters for a possible Republican Presidential bid. There are two words that should stop him dead in his tracks--Mitt Romney. What egocentric mindset has Brown possibly thinking that after the Mitt Romney Debacle, the GOP would turn to another Massachusetts pol to run for President?

In his campaign for re-election to the Senate he never mentioned that he was a Republican in any ad--but now he thinks he can be the Republican standard bearer in 2016.

Then on Wednesday August 21, Brown announced he would not be a candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor of Massachusetts.

This dance of the seven veils must stop. In the past 12 months, he has talked about running for the Senate in Massachusetts, then running for the Senate in New Hampshire and until he took himself out of the race he talked about running for Governor of Massachusetts.

This reminds me of the old triple play infield--“from Evers to Tinker to Chance.”

The good news for Scott Brown is there are 48 more states he can run around in and talk about running for the Senate. The bad news is that no one is taking him seriously--not even John Keller. Brown is quickly becoming something of a joke.

His wife, TV News reporter Gail Huff, should just give him a time out before he embarrasses himself anymore.

Paul Giorgio is a longtime Democratic Party Activist who has worked on numerous campaigns. He was a Lead Advance Person for President Clinton & Vice President Gore. He was Deputy Director of Special Events for President Clinton’s first Inauguration. He has been elected a delegate to numerous Democratic National Conventions and recently served as one of President Obama’s representatives on the Platform Committee. In 2013 he was chosen as a Presidential Elector. He is the President of Pagio, Inc., publishers of Pulse Magazine, Vitality Magazine and Worcester Medicine.


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Edward Saucier

Well you have old Scotty Brown pegged but need a little help on the baseball side of things. It was (Joe)Tinker to (Johnny) Evers to (Frank) Chance. Short to second to first base, and they were a great Chicago Cubs double play combo in the early 1900's. There's stories told of the feud between Tinker & Evers that lasted for decades and they never spoke to each other off the field.

Harry Huckum

And the point of this article is what?

A hit piece on a guy who's political career is over?

Why don't you just write about George Bush?

Writing about the irrelevant Scotto just makes you irrelevant Giorgio.

tony aiello

Just what this rag needs....another left-wing nut writing articles.

Jesse Johnson

Relaying false ideas from the biased and outspoken "media" we call NBC -- like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, and Al Sharpton. Let's get some "Fair & Balanced" writers in here GoLocal... I want to hear the facts, not ludicrous and asinine opinions.
Still attacking Romney? When you graduate from Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School, become CEO of an Olympics, and get elected Governor of the beautiful state of MA, and win a Presidential bid, then I'll start listening to you.

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