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Scott Brown’s High Priced Consultants

Monday, June 11, 2012


Scott Brown, who has spent more than half a million dollars on consultants, is painting himself as a bi-partisan senator who will work with anyone on either side of the aisle. If those high priced consultants are any indication of Brown’s leanings, he is squarely in the Republican camp in the vein of Mitt Romney and George Bush.

Last week GoLocalWorcester examined the consultant spending of the Elizabeth Warren campaign. In the first seven months of her campaign, Warren spent $408,000 on consultants and raised $16 million in campaign contributions.

Brown has spent more on consultants overall, more on fundraising consultants specifically, but raised $4.5 million less than Warren.

“Apparently the campaign is going to have to pay a lot of money to construct a brand for someone devoid of any reality or factual basis,” Kevin Franck, communications director for the Massachusetts Democratic Party said. “Scott Brown will have to keep spending a lot of money if he wants to convince Massachusetts families that he is not a shill for Wall Street and big corporations.”

A Quarter Million For Fundraisers

From September 1, 2011 until March 31, the Brown campaign spent $260,607 for fundraising consultants, with Finance Director John Cook collecting the lion’s share of the spending.

Cook’s firm, JCI Consulting, has collected $108,565 in fundraising consulting fees since September. Cook, who was the Finance Director for Charlie Baker’s failed gubernatorial bid and who was on the finance team for the presidential campaigns of John McCain and Mitt Romney, has also collected $9,246 in salary and $1,787 for travel expenses.

Paul Giorgio, a member of Democratic State Committee, said Brown’s strategy of appealing to the rich for campaign funding is more costly than Warren’s grass roots approach.

“It takes more resources to appeal to the Wall Street types, whereas Elizabeth Warren has a grass roots and online strategy,” Giorgio said. “She is collecting small amounts, but she is collecting them from many more people.”

Steven Roche, who is working on the Romney presidential campaign, has collected $77,603 in fundraising consulting fees. Roche’s firm, SCR & Associates has raised money for the gubernatorial races of Charlie Baker in Massachusetts and Meg Whitman in New Jersey, as well as Bill Binnie’s bid for Senate in New Hampshire. SCR has also raised money for the National Republican committee.

Laura Rizzo of the Dukes Rizzo Group has been paid $63,159. Rizzo is also a fundraiser for the National Republican Senate Committee.










Strategic Consultants

The Brown campaign has paid the Shawmut Group $105,000 for strategic advice. Shawmut, led by Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom, was a key part of Brown’s 2010 Senate campaign. Fernstrom, who has been called Mitt Romney’s backbone, has been associated with Romney for more than a decade.

The campaign has also spent $28,750 on strategic consulting from Public Opinion Strategies, a DC based Republican consulting firm that works with the campaigns of 19 U.S. Senators, six governors, and 71 Members of Congress.

For digital consulting advice, Brown has turned to the online advertising firm Targeted Victory and spent $68,890. Led by co-founder Michael Beach, Targeted Victory has advised the campaigns of Marco Rubio for Senate (FL), Susana Martinez for Governor (NM), and Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign.

Giorgio was unimpressed with Brown’s choices of consultants.

“He’s hiring the same consultants that Mitt Romney did, and we know how poorly Romney treated Massachusetts,” Giorgio said.

Legal and Compliance Consulting

Unlike the Warren campaign, Brown’s campaign has spent close to $70,000 in legal and compliance consulting. Warren’s data from the FEC shows no expenditures in either category.

$19,605 has been paid to McDermott Will & Emery and Proskauer Rose LLP for legal advice. Brown has also paid $48,190 for compliance advice to four different firms:
Red Curve Solutions (Beverly, MA), The Compliance Consulting Company (McLean, VA). Lisker, Huckaby David (Alexandria, VA) and Duane Morris LLP (Philadelphia).

Beverly based Red Curve is led by Romney insiders including Bradley Crate and Mike Welch.

Brown Campaign Says Campaign is Grass Roots

Despite all the spending on highly connected Republican consultants, the Brown campaign says it is all about the local voter.

Colin Reed, a spokesman for the Brown campaign issued the following statement: “This election will be won at the grassroots level: door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor, phone call by phone call. So far, thousands of volunteers have made more than 306,000 phone and door voter contacts spreading Scott’s independent, pro-jobs message. We are extremely encouraged by this outpouring of support, and will continue to work tirelessly in the five months ahead to earn the votes of people all across the Commonwealth.”


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Padraig Harvey

High Priced? What do you think Tim Murray or Patrick's spends on their campaigns? I agree there is too much money in politics but at least try and be neutral about the subject and explain what Warren spends and what she receives through State and federal supporters. Oh, Romney and Brown do work with both sides (check their records), again being neutral with your story explain Kerry's or Mcgovern's work with the opposite side. That will be a short sentence because they don't work with anyone but their own party.

Edward Saucier

Scotty claims to be bi-partisan, but he's not. However, compared to the other republicans he looks that way. It will be interesting to see if he gets the carloads of money that's given to the right wing crazies. Most likely not, they do like to cannibalize their own just for spite. If you're not with the GOP 100% you're not with them at all.

GoLocalWorcester is fair and balanced. How about getting a Printer Friendly link?

Bruce C

"they do like to cannibalize their own just for spite."
Seems to me you're talking about the manner in which Dems fed DiFranco to the lions during the convention in Springfield to make sure Warren got a free ride to November. Not sure GoLoWo is fair and balanced, but clearly Ed, you're not.

Edward Saucier

Well Bruce C , GoLocalWorcester seems to want people to use their real names when they register to comment. I like that, it would keep out those who make unidentified specious comments. But that doesn't stop everyone, does it?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts. You don't seem up to date with the inner workings of the new republican party. Orin Hatch is being thrown to the wolves because he isn't conservative enough. Even right wing pols like David Frum and Michael Fumento to name a couple have left the right wing for being so out of touch with reality.

So it seems to me that Bruce C. listens too much to the likes of Fox News and their local contributors Polito and Levy, for his daily brainwashing session.

Bruce C

Well Edward Saucier, My name is Bruce Coulter, if that makes you feel any better. for the record, I'm unenrolled. I belong to no party and have in the past, and will likely in the future vote for members of both parties as I see fit.
Nor do I watch Fox News, or perhaps your favorite Kool-Aid drink mix, MSNBC.
It's because there are not enough moderates that nothing gets done on Capitol Hill. But as you appear to be drinking the liberal Kool_aid, you likely don't care.
I'll leave you to wallow in Rachel Maddow's shadow.

Edward Saucier

Atta boy Bruce. Your first two sentences made sense but after that they didn't. SameoSameo BS and you missed my main point, which is usual for those who claim to be independent yet use phrases like "the liberal kool-aid drinker."

Orin Hatch is being thrown to the wolves because he isn't conservative enough. Even right wing pols like David Frum and Michael Fumento to name a couple have left the right wing for being so out of touch with reality.

Nothing gets done on Capital Hill because the republicans are obstructing everything. Not enough moderates? Give me a break.

Bruce C

Poor Ed. Here's a nice big cup of MSNBC Koo-Aid. Now just put your feet up and watch the Ed Show. Perhaps if you wish hard enough, they'll bring back Keith Olbermann and all will be right in your world.
Have a lovely day.

Edward Saucier

Bruce C...why do you keep repeating yourself? I know, that's a silly question, you're a republican...oops, I mean unenrolled or maybe just unhinged? Yeah, I like that much better, unhinged. Vote for Scott Brown, he doesn't know which way is up either. Over & out, good buddy.

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