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Three-way State Rep Race Heats Up

Monday, September 17, 2012


Democrat Jim O'Day is preparing to defend his seat on Beacon Hill from both Republican and Independent challengers.

This year's contest marks the first time that O'Day, who took the 14th Worcester District's State Representative seat in a 2006 special election, will face a competitive election.

Worcester Republican William McCarthy and West Boylston Independent Winthrop Handy intend to give him a run for his money.

The Incumbent's Edge

"I am incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity and trust over the past five and a half years to represent my community in the House of Representatives," the West Boylston Democrat said in a formal announcement of his re-election campaign.

Prior to taking office, O'Day worked as a social worker for the Department of Children and Families, and he put in time as a union roofer before that.

"My role as a State Representative has been a continuation of my commitment to protecting working- and middle-class families that started 24 years ago when I began my career as a social worker," he said.

"One of the greatest honors of my job is ensuring that individuals who can't speak for themselves are represented and afforded the dignity they deserve."

Aside from the edge afforded by being an incumbent in a Democratic-leaning district, O'Day also enjoys strong union support and a well-stocked campaign account.

According to pre-primary reports filed in late August with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance, O'Day's war chest held upwards of $33,000.

McCarthy closed the first eight months of the year with $1,076 on hand, and Handy, who got off to a late start after his nomination papers were challenged, did not record any contributions of expenditures in his report.

An Independent Streak

What Handy lacks in campaign funds he makes up in bold ideas for the region's resources.

The Independent, who has been a business owner for 36 years and an elected municipal light commissioner for 15, argued that Worcester has squandered its potential by sticking with the status quo.

"It will take independent voices like mine to get our state government working in harmony to control unnecessary spending and to reduce taxes," he said.

"If we want to stop the exodus of Massachusetts residents and business owners to other state with less expensive energy, we need to lower the cost of our electric power."

Handy's plans include developing new energy sources, such as a solar field at Worcester Airport, converting public vehicles to cleaner and cheaper natural gas alternatives, and breaking away from Boston-based cable television to promote competition and local alternatives.

A photographer, Handy also would like to see more studios and art spaces developed in downtown Worcester to help bolster the city's artists.

A Republican Challenger

McCarthy, who ran for Worcester County Sheriff in 2004 and was a two-time candidate for City Council, is no stranger to local politics, and he too wants to change the status quo.

Currently, McCarthy is employed as a professor of Criminal Justice at Quinsigamond Community College, and he also teaches at Assumption and Becker Colleges.

The Republican's core campaign issues are lowering taxes, reforming the EBT and welfare systems, and developing job opportunities in the region.

Earlier this year, McCarthy railed against O'Day for a bill the Democrat proposed in 2011, the Act to Invest in Our Communities, which would have increased the state income tax rate from 5.3 to 5.95 percent.

O'Day defended the measure, arguing that the Commonwealth's tax code warrants revisiting.


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Stephen Quist

I don't think there are any more offices left for mccarthy to run for....this guy has been soundly rejected time and time again.
This is what happens when a teapartier extremist runs for office - people can see the anti-Amercianism through and through......and then soundly reject them........God Bless America

Tony Chandler

One things for sure....McCarthy never went to work drunk!

And I can say that he's the most qualified and the only one looking out for middle class. He's not looking out for Unions or any other special interest groups! Every democrat in this city caters to the unions and look where its got the city - WELCOME TO THE NEW SPRINGFIELD!!!

Go Bill - you've got my vote.

Maria Sanchez

Professor McCarthy was the best teacher I've had. He is a very smart person. He is also very caring and helpful with all his students. He is very good about finding internships for his CJ students and available for career advice.

At graduation.....my 4 year degree - I credited Mr. McCarthy for being the one person that contributed to my success. I am the first person in my family to go to college and he was the one that helped me realize my dreams and go for them.

Anyone that would say something negative about this man is clearly jealous are working for his opponent. As Mr. McCarthy said many times in class -

Whats the harm in trying. If we try and fail, its stays the same.

But if we try and we succeed, a world of opportunities open up for us.

I'm voting for Bill McCarthy. He has integrity, honesty, and he is use to hard work! He is a man with morals that does what he says he's going to do and I want to publicly again say Thank You Professor for all of your help and encouragement. It finally paid off - I'm employed!

Stephen Quist

Quite franly I do not support and in fact have been highly critical of Rep O'Day on numerous occassions so to claim I support the Rep is just not factual.
Nice try at watering down a valid opinion but not working this time boys and girls so back to the drawing board for the both of you
Having seen mccarthy run previous campaigns for any and all political offices that open up this man is in search of a job and not in it for the common good.
Mccarthy is a died in the wool teapaartier and as such in no way shape or form reflect the values of the residents and citizens of Central Mass....memebers of the teapartiers are un-Americans!
You can include mccarthy in that group as well..........

Tony Chandler

It’s quite clear now that Stephen Quist has no idea of what he writes.
1. Dr. McCarthy has a job and doesn’t need a job. He has a PhD and is very well educated and very much involved in his community.

2. He’s not an extremist as you suggest – he is a responsible citizen that believes in people working and doing the right thing. He doesn’t believe in the waste associated with the EBT (welfare card) that many are abusing. I have never heard him say anything derogative about America. (So, keep trying the scare tactic – it’s not going to work).

3. McCarthy is the one that called for – NO SALARIES – for City Councilors. He believed it should have been a public service position – not a career. He also was the one that called for an end to all healthcare benefits and retirement benefits for City Councilors. He doesn’t think a public service position should be a feed trough!

So, let’s think about that for a moment (hum)

– You said - he’s in it for what the money – NO – he publicly stated City Councilors should not receive a salary.

– You said - he’s in it for the benefits – NO – he publicly stated that City Councilors should not receive health insurance nor should they receive retirement benefits.


I know Bill and I’ve had the privilege of volunteering with him at a non-profit organization for the past 8 years. The truth is – he’s one of the most caring individuals I know. I’ve seen him take his own money or items and give to those in need. This is the person that doesn’t have to beat his own drums, because his heart is beating for him. I wish I could say the same for half the politicians.
Lastly, I think you just have a problem with Republicans running for office. And quite obviously you must be on the government payroll, because many times, people interview for positions and they don’t get them. Do they throw their hands in the air and say that’s it. I’m giving up. Well, you probably do, but I’m here to say that I am very glad that Bill doesn’t have an ego so big that he has given up on our community.

Do the right thing! That’s a motto that I subscribe and I know Bill does!

Stephen Quist

Apparently Anthony Chandler is lock stock and barrell in the mccarthy camp.....good for you anthony!
1. Never said he was in it for the money - you did
2. He is an extremist simply put and he's hiding his true belief.....All he has to do is own up to the fact his supporters and himself are teapartiers
3. Never stated anything about benefits - you did
4. Never had a problem with republiCants running for office - I even support Senator Brown for re-election.....I even have his lawn sign up!
So lets think about this for a moment........you have no idea in hell what YOU are talking about.......case closed and mccarthy gets beaten in a landslide!

Tony Chandler

I’m starting to get bored with your lack of knowledge on the subject. All you can do is throw stones and hope you hit a window. You are lying and you are trying to say things that aren’t true in hopes that someone believes you.

What I would like to ask you is if you are on the public payroll, do you have the right to spend my tax dollars trolling the newspapers and commenting all day. If I did a search of when you someone is commenting in the comment sections it seems someone is there an awful lot during the work day. I would think that perhaps my tax dollars would be better spent on someone doing their job as opposed to spreading lies.

I can say that you couldn’t stand next to Bill McCarthy. He has a little something called INTEGRITY. Something you obviously know nothing about.

What I do know is the comment that I made that you so obviously just slid past – that at least he doesn’t go to work drunk. What’s wrong scared of the worms that might open up?? Let open up some employment record files and see who’s really who they say they are!!

Stephen Quist

Ive been bored all along with your brownnose drivel.....so this will be my last response to you on this subject
Quite the charge anthony of "lying"....and from the likes of you clearly indicate you have NOTHING.......strike 1
I work in the private sector......strike 2
I would not want to stand next to either mccarthy or you both reek of extremisim.....strike 3
If you want to claim mccarthy is a drunk have at it but I dont think your admission on the part of your candidate will actually do him any good...........
Take care anthony and have a great day

Tony Chandler

Good Try - Glass House.

I think we all know who's been drinking at work. And since McCarthy has never drank in his life, you know excactly who I'm talking about.

The ironic point in this "so called" conversation is that you seem to think you are in charge - as I said earlier....Liberals seem to think they are the only ones with an opinion and that they are right about everything they think.

As my first post indicated, you have no idea - other than Bill has run for office (I'll give you that one line) - Who he is or what he represents. You are just trying to throw stones.

Extreme is now described by Mr. Quist as someone that believes people should be responsible for themselves, small businesses deserve a tax break, and our tax dollars should be guarded and guaranteed that no fraud is taking place - YOU GOT ME - we are extreme. Extreme that we are done with liberals spending our money on frivilous projects, giving money to people that don't appreciate it and don't respect the law, and lastly, we are fed up with liberals holding all businesses hostage to any prosperity they might have here in Central Massachusetts!!

Take this an foreshadowing or as job skill ------- Lets get our broom and sweep out the dust!!! Get it....

You have a good night and know that we aren't going to let liberals just run their mouths anymore without responding to them and calling them out!

Stephen Quist

I belong to no political party and I vote the candidate not the party.
When those like anthony and his candidate belong to a facist orginization as the teapartiers then you will be called out......dont run away from your political beliefs it speaks volumns of the intolerence you, mccarthy and your fellow bretheren extremist teapartiers subscribe to.
There is no place in our country nor in Central Mass for those like mccarthy and tony who believe like their presidential candidate that they dont represent 47% of Americans....and that is the core issue in todays race............I will vote only for those that represent ALL Americans and not the select priviledged few that tony and mccarthy want to represent..........
of note senate republicans again under mitch mcconnell block a jobs bill for our vets returning home from war.......UN-AMERICAN!

Tony Chandler

It seems all I hear is blah blah blah -

It's funny how liberals want to talk about everyone else taking from the poor, but what is their intent – REALLY? For a matter of fact, let’s talk about what being poor really is.

When you have an EBT Card and you currently have an IPhone, drive an SUV, carry a designer Purse, and have enough gold on your neck, ears, and hands to cover someone's mortgage - that's not poor. That's called WELFARE FRAUD.

When you keep having children that you can’t afford to feed, house and educate – that’s FRAUD. It’s a real easy solution to not having children that aren’t being given every opportunity in life ….its called personal responsibility. There are so many forms of birth control on the market, there’s no excuse for any “accidental” pregnancies. An accident is when something completely unexpected happens. A sexual encounter is no accident!

But you liberals just want Daddy Federal Government to step in and do the job of men. Well, if my father had been a man like you Mr. Quist, I would have wished you would have been an absentee father because you have no character or morals. All you want to do is keep people down. As long as they are on the public payroll, they’ll keep giving their vote to the one that’s signing the check! Isn’t that ironic!

And for all you Union Workers – I’m in the Union, I pay my dues. But I refuse to drink the Kool-aid! You see, liberal politicians keep saying they want to raise our pay – okay, but then they want to raise the income tax…….the sales tax…….the alcohol tax…. and any other tax or fee they can get their hands on. So what did that raise cost me? I’m in a higher tax bracket paying more taxes and now I’m paying more at the Pump, Liquor Store, and for any license that I carry (Driver’s license, Fishing License, and my Gun License). And by the way, I haven’t gotten a raise in 2 years. My salary has stayed the same! But my taxes have sure gone up.

Maybe I need me one of those EBT cards so I can take my family to Disney World on vacation since we haven’t been able to afford to go on vacation because we are working to pay our bills and quite obviously the bills of EBT Recipients that feel they need a vacation

If you believe that people should have personal responsibility and be held accountable for their fraud – then you are now an extremist! Anyone standing next to Mr. Quist would be an extremist because he can’t think for himself he can only repeat what the pecking order has told him to say.

Oh, by the way, I’ve never attended a Tea Party meeting in my life – but I do believe in Personal Responsibility. I don’t think the government should be anyone’s father. And as far as our armed service members - I think they should be the ones getting free healthcare, free housing, and free tuition. They did something to deserve it!

So you again have tried to paint a picture that isn't true! Your verbiage is not that hard to follow - I just have to turn on MSNBC or CNN and I can hear everything you've repeated!

Stephen Quist

Anthony your broad brush painting of "about what being poor really is"
smacks of snobbery and elitisism.......you would make Archie Bunker proud and it clearly indicates your disdain of those less fortunate than you.
Apparently what you didn't learn at home - I will give you a quick 2-step lesson:
1. you would have learned about repsect for your fellow man regardless of their station in life
2. you would have had compassion for your fellow man.........
both traits that are apparently a foreign concept to you.....but it's still not too late to teach an old dog new tricks........there is still hope for you Anthony

Tony Chandler

I’m very confused! Perhaps you didn’t watch the whole episode of CNN or MSNBC and your sentences were fragmented.

The definition of poor is an individual having little or no wealth and few or no possessions. So, my view was perfectly explained. What did I say that was misleading or uncompassionate.

People that can afford SUV’s, Jewelry, and Coach Purses are not POOR. They are individuals that use EBT cards and other government benefits under fraudulent means. If this state would cross reference car registrations and EBT recipients I’m sure you would see that quite a few are riding around in a very nice Ride! This is ridiculous.

I have neighbors that have lost their jobs and are unable to get benefits because they own a home or they over qualify. And yet, you support a group of individuals that just have children, never work and the cycle repeats and we are supposed to feed, house and raise them. No, I disagree. You are more than welcome to pay their bills, I’m not going to.

I could see how a liberal would view my take on what poor really means because you and your friends want to keep your voting base uneducated and dependent on the government. That way you can guarantee that they will never have success nor break the cycle.

Compassion comes from empathy. Not sympathy. See I feel empathetic for my fellow man, but I don’t feel sympathy for those that lie and abuse the system. They should be charged and incarcerated.

My respect for fellow human beings only covers those that deserve respect. You see, I was taught Personal Responsibility, not the blame game. Do the right thing and work hard.

I’m sorry to say, I don’t think there’s much hope for you. You’ve had too much Kool-Aid.

I think you are clearly that individual that says….don’t confuse me with the facts because my mind is made up.

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