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video: Tolman Debuts First Television Ad in Campaign for Attorney General

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Warren Tolman – a Democratic candidate for Attorney General – has debuted his first television advertisement in his campaign, ensuring women’s access to healthcare and requiring smart gun technology.

In the ad, Tolman speaks outside of 1842 Beacon St., Brookline, one of the two women’s health clinics where a gunman opened fired in 1994. Additionally, Tolman speaks outside the Massachusetts State House, where he co-sponsored the original buffer zone law to offer protection to women seeking healthcare.

“I'm Warren Tolman and as Attorney General, I'll focus on gun violence and violence against women,” said Tolman in the ad. “I won't wait to require fingerprint trigger locks on new guns sold. And if you endanger women at a health clinic, you'll be prosecuted.”

Tolman has vowed to uphold the terms of the new safe access bill, "Act to Promote Public Safety and Protect Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities," following the U.S. Supreme Court's invalidation of the state's 2007 law.

Tolman has released a comprehensive plan to use the Attorney General's Office to protect women's rights - ensuring access to reproductive healthcare, creating an Office on Violence Against Women to take action on domestic violence, and closing the pay equity gap. He is also the only candidate, Democrat or Republican, willing to use the authority of the Attorney General's Office to mandate smart gun technology on new guns sold in Massachusetts.


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17th Worcester - House

Incumbent: John Binienda, Sr. (retiring)

Democrats: Mike Germain (pictured), Moses Dixon

Republicans: Kate Campanale

“If Mike Germain wins the primary, it will be interesting to see how hard he works to win the house seat; he is not known to be that hard of a worker. I think that if he wins, that seat could go to the republican candidate.” - Chris Pinto, Worcester Republican City Committee

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12th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Harold Naughton, Jr.

Democrats: Harold Naughton, Jr.

Republicans: Brad Wyatt (pictured)

“Harold Naughton decided to leave to run for Attorney General. When it seemed like his competition would be to hard, he came back to run for his old seat. While Naughton is seemingly on his way out, Brad Wyatt is a candidate who is very much on the rise.” - Bill McCarthy, Worcester rep, Massachusetts Republican Party

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Stephen Brewer's Open Senate Seat

Incumbent: Stephen Brewer (retiring) (pictured)

Democrats: Anne Gobi

Republicans:James Ehrhard, Michael Valanzola

“James Ehrhard has to win the primary against Valanzola but I think that he has a real shot at winning the primary. Ehrhard is a candidate that is really working hard to go door-to-door covering all the towns and working really hard.” - McCarthy

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1st Worcester - Senate

Incumbent: Harriette Chandler

Democrats: Harriette Chandler, William Feegbeh, Sean Maher

Republicans: Paul Franco (pictured)

“I think that all of the Senate races are going to be very close and competitive. Paul Franco is a super guy and a great candidate. I think the Franco/Chandler race has the potential to be a top three race in Central Massachusetts.” - Rob Cunningham, Executive Director, Massachusets Republican Party

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16th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Daniel Donahue

Democrats:  Daniel Donahue (pictured), Joshua Perro

Republicans: none

“Donahue is clearly ahead in his race. His primary opponent has no clear rationale as to why he is running.” - Paul Giorgio, Democratic Party Activist

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15th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Mary Keefe (pictured)

Democrats: Mary Keefe, Philip Palmieri, Ralph Perez

Republicans: none

“Anytime you have a state representative (Keefe) up against a city councilor (Palmieri), you are always in for a competitive race.” - Giorgio

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Worcester/Norfolk - Senate

Incumbent: Richard Moore (pictured)

Democrats: Richard Moore

Republicans: Ryan Fattman

“Ryan Fattman is running in a really favorable district against Richard Moore who has been there a long time. Richard may be a nice guy, but when you look at what is going on at Beacon Hill, a young candidate may be just what we need.” - Cunningham

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18th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Ryan Fattman (pictured)

Democrats: David Cortese, Mark Dowgiewicz, Brenda Ennis

Republicans: Charles Arakelian, Jesse Limanek, Joseph McKenna

“I think the 18th Worcester House District will be a good race. We will have to see how it advances as we get closer to November.” - Travis Shofner, Data Director and Voter File Manager, Massachusetts Democratic Party

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9th Worcester - House

Incumbent: George Peterson, Jr. (retired) (pictured)

Democrats: Martin Green 

Republicans: Shawn Craig, David Muradian, Jr.

“We have been keeping our eyes on the Peterson seat. Martin Green will be running for that seat. We think that race will be very competitive.” - Shofner

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10th Worcester - House

Incumbent: John Fernandes

Democrats: John Fernandes (pictured)

Republicans: Christopher Kivior, Mark Reil, Jr.

“There are quality candidates running against Fernandes, a guy who has been there a while. Given the mistrust in Beacon Hill, I think some of these good republican candidates have a good shot.” - Cunningham


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