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Mass GOP Not Buying Warren’s “Independence”

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren joined Republican and former FDIC Chairperson Sheila Bair to talk to supporters about her willingness to put accountability ahead of party lines, but the Massachusetts Republican Party remained skeptical.

Bair crossed the aisle and endorsed Warren on Wednesday citing the candidate's understanding of credit unions and community banks as well as her work on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"She has the highest integrity of anybody I've ever met," said Bair.

"She's going to do a great job for the people of Massachusetts."

Warren and Bair, who worked together in Washington, traveled to Worcester where they met with Mayor Joseph Petty and small business owners and supporters. The Senate hopeful recalled her conversations with Petty about how to build the Worcester economy.

"It happens locally," Warren said. "But it also matters to have a good partner in Washington."

Republican Senator Scott Brown would not be that partner, she argued, because while he makes some good votes, he too often stands with big business or industry instead of the residents of Massachusetts.

When asked about financial reform, Bair said that Warren will be an independent voice in the ongoing and difficult process.

"She will make decision based on what's in the interest of the public."

For her part, Warren cited her work on the bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel, which issued roughly half of its reports unanimously, as evidence of her ability to put solutions first ahead of partisanship.

"It wasn't about party, it was about what our country needed," she said.

"I've been willing to stand up to anyone and everyone."

Bair, who worked for Republican Senator Bob Dole during the 1980s on a number of big pieces of bipartisan legislation, said the most frustrating part of many of the problems in Washington today is that they could be solved with relative ease if elected officials could just sit down and work together.

"It's hurting the country," she said.

"I think it's frustration with both parties maybe," she added, noting that instead of coming together, Democrats and Republicans have been moving farther apart.

“I have never endorsed a Democrat, but I know Elizabeth well, and I know she will be independent. We need people who are independent in Washington, people who will vote the public interest,” said Bair in a statement from the Warren camp.

Throughout the campaign, Brown has made his independence and willingness to work with anyone of good faith a centerpiece of his appeal to voters, touting his status as Washington's second-most bipartisan Senator and even featuring President Barack Obama in a television campaign ad.

Yet Warren has repeatedly tried to tie her opponent to the more right-wing factions of the national Republican party, arguing that he will vote in lock-step with the rest of the GOP if elected to another term, especially if they win majority of the Senate.

But the Democrat came up short when asked during her second debate with Brown to name members of the opposing party she would work with in the Senate, offering up retiring Indiana Republican Richard Lugar as her only answer.

"Two weeks before Halloween, it's laughable for Professor Warren to be masquerading as bipartisan," said Tim Buckley, communications director for the MassGOP.

"She brags about throwing rocks at people and proudly declares she would rather leave blood and teeth on the floor than compromise. The independent-minded voters of Massachusetts will see through this phony rhetoric and realize that Professor Warren would be another loud voice in a Congress already flooded with angry know-it-alls like herself." 


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Stephen Quist

Warren will be an out and out partisian and thats exactly whats wrong with our country today.......partisianship before citizenship and thats just plain unAmerican.
We need more moderates in Washington not another "vote the party line not whats best for America"
Senator Brown brings the voice of reason, respect and integrity from our state to Washington while serving our state/citiznes with dignity.
Re-elect the voice of moderation and reason - vote for Senator Scott Brown!

Stephen Quist


Iron Mike Farquhar

Aw, come'on Tim, you shouldn't be picking on her for her 'Fighting Cherokee' spirit, she's just following in her grandma's moccasin steps...

Ever try her recipe for Cherokee Crab Cakes? Delicious!

Stephen Jacoby

Mr. Quist: Yeah, don't believe people - even Republicans - that actually know her and have worked closely with her in the past. Trust in your own ignorance and closed-mindedness and - despite the fact you've never even spent a minute talking with her - just assume she will be a party hack. Typical partisan (note the correct spelling) politics.

"Mr." Farquar - Her mother once told her she had Native American ancestry and, while it may or may not have actually been true, it's far more likely to be true than the lie your mother told you that one day soon you would grow up to be a decent human being. Your racist, one-note attacks from which even Scott Brown has finally walked away are getting really tired. Is that the best you've got? I'm still not convinced that you're not some middle school student trying to sound like an adult. If you actually took some time to say something thoughtfully constructive, we might pay attention to what you have to say. Until then, you're just annoying.

Alex Belisle

Stephen, using your logic, if someone should not discount the Republican, the only one I could find, who endorsed Warren, and that makes them "ignorant and closed minded", then shouldn't you be carrying a Brown sign based on the amount of Democrats, plural, that have endorsed Brown. These Democrats actually know him and have worked with him in the past as well. I'm not sure but that sounds pretty ignorant, or at best hypocritical, to me.

Stephen Jacoby

Alex, my point was not to say that endorsements aren't valid, especially when they cross party lines. It's purely a matter of personal preference. My point was to show that someone cannot make an assumption that a candidate will, if elected, become a purely partisan hack. Making such an assumption, even in the face of evidence to the contrary, is blatant and willful ignorance. Also, I must point out that cross-party endorsements in this race are as much an indication of the open-mindedness of Democrats vs. the hard line "party discipline" of Republicans. In the past decade, the GOP has become such a rabidly dictatorial organization within its own ranks that they simply don't tolerate it when those among them cross the aisle. Do so and they risk being disowned by their own party. They will force that person out of office by supporting another Republican to run against them in the next election.

Stephen Quist

Alex makes a great point and Stephen's response as usual is obfuscation.
Stephen I could care less what you or anyone else think of my posts....enjoy hurling insults I find it very amusing.....
You sound just like the hack you apparently love to rail against....ever look in a mirror Stephen?

Harry Huckum

Democrats attacking Democrats and a Bureaucrat Endorses Warren

I love it.

This won't change the race one bit. But I do love to watch the Moon Bats (Stephen v. Stephen) attacking each other.

Stephen Quist

As usual the huckster making false claims..........I love it.....please refer to my last previous post you can include yourself if you so choose

Harry Huckum

Quist, Isn't there a toilet that needs cleaning... Now go do you job!

Edward Saucier

Liz Warren isn't selling anything to the GOP because they are beyond having the ability to learn anything. They would much rather lie or make things up to suit their own selfish purposes.

Scott Brown was forced to apologize for only one of the lies he perpetrated upon Liz Warren. The only reason Brown apologized was because he got caught. Many politicians have apologized for what they have said in the past, most of them republicans apologizing to Rush Limbaugh. One thing for sure is Brown didn't really mean it when he apologized. But he really is sorry he got caught.

There are a lot more lies he has spewed about Liz Warren and a lot of misstatements were made in his on the road ads. The foolish JAG Colonel didn't even know the correct terminology for the Medal of Honor, calling it the Congressional Medal of Honor. In the same ad he didn't know the difference between a "crash landing" and a proper landing of a fighter plane. Scotty is stunning ignorant of the difference between fact and fiction.

Look, republicans are all pathological liars. Jon Kyl said, on national TV that Planned Parenthood should be de-funded because 86% of their work was performing abortions. When the Senator was questioned on that because the exact percentage was 6% his office responded: "The Senators remarks were not meant to be factual." Arizonians have got to be idiots voting for that guy.

Scott Brown is a lair and a dufus who had no honor and deserves no respect due to his actions in this campaign and his voting record in the Senate. Back in the day a guy like him was referred to as "a punk."

Another more local dufus, Jordan Levy, of WTAG right wing radio, can't get his facts straight either. A republican who calls himself an independent, said that China owned 36% of our National Debt. when the correct amount was 6%. That screw-the-pooch statement was just one of many that the narrow-minded self righteous nitwit makes on a steady basis. And he even admits his own kids and son-in-laws don't agree with his political positions. Well, that pours hot water all over the old adage that idiots breed idiots. Or maybe they are just the exception to the rule, which is the way I see it.

Iron Mike Farquhar

Question for Mister Saucier...

1. How MUCH National Debt are you comfortable with?

2. When will Ms. Warren apologize the person she robbed of a teaching slot at Harvard, because she 'checked the Cherokee Box'?

3. 'Back in the day',...what did they call you?

Alex Belisle

I’d love to see the lies you come up with for the GOP, as anyone with internet access or a decent memory will be able to match them one to one with the lies from the Democrats. They all lie. Get over it.
Next you speak of Scott Brown’s lie he apologized for, I assume you mean the “paid actors” line. It was stupid, I agree. Yet if you really care about integrity, you should be equally angry at Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry. Let’s assume that it didn’t help her get her job. Although I find it ludicrous to believe it didn’t, for sake of argument, it didn’t. To allow your school to promote you as its shining example of diversity, without being able to verify it, is very misleading to the public, and she let it go on. It’s the equivalent of a police chief telling people he has a diverse department because he has a Native American Detective, who’s only proof is a chat with Grandma. I bet the other officers would love to be passed over for a promotion because of that. As far as other Republicans apologizing to Rush? That doesn’t even make sense. So let’s move on.
I Googled Medal of Honor. “The Medal of Honor is the United States of America's highest military honor, awarded for acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. It is awarded by the President of the United States in the name of Congress and is sometimes referred to as the Congressional Medal of Honor, but the original and official title is the "Medal of Honor." This is hardly the mistake of a fool. It’s the equivalent of getting an adhesive bandage in a CVS box and calling it a Band-Aid. The Brown ad with the pilot? He intentionally crash landed his plane. If there’s a really cool term that you’d like to share with us that would be great. The pilot didn’t make any negative statements alluding to this horrible slight, but I hope you can educate us on the correct term.
Republicans are all pathological liars. I agree ALL politicians are liars. Now you move to John Kyl. While the 86% comment wasn’t true, and the response, if I’m to believe you, was stupid. Yet no more stupid than calling the Libyan Embassy assault a video protest. Actually, it’s far less stupid. Here’s some knowledge and opinion with facts attached. The fact is that 73% of all Planned Parenthood programs are abortion, STD, or contraception related. The Washington Post has nice chart you can look at. The link is below. So while they do handle Cancer screenings for women and some limited other items, most of what they handle can be solved by people using better judgment. So say fund them, but cut the funding by 73%. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/ezra-klein/post/what-planned-parenthood-actually-does/2011/04/06/AFhBPa2C_blog.html

I think it’s really funny when you call him a “dufus” and misspell “liar” in the same sentence. Spell check doesn’t pick up words spelled correctly but used incorrectly. You question his honor, without any substantive facts. You say he deserves no respect due to his actions without any substantive facts, and back in the day he would have been referred to as a punk. I always thought the punks were guys who ran their mouths and didn’t back it up with anything, then, when called on it, called people liars (lairs – still funny) and dufus’. My day must’ve been different than yours.

Then you rip on Jordan Levy. I didn’t even realize he was still alive. Most people in Worcester probably don’t either. That being said, I’m sure you enjoy listening to him so you can fact check his stuff. That’s important work. By the way, it’s 8%, not 6%.

Alex Belisle

I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that Warren is going to be a lockstep Democrat. Let’s be honest. The most bipartisan (I spelled it correctly) Democrat Senator only votes across the lines 27% of the time. I find it hard to believe that the candidate who they put up as a keynote speaker at the DNC is going to actively vote against her party as much as Brown has, or even as much as Sen. Manchin. What is this evidence to the contrary of which you speak. I haven’t seen anything Warren has said or done to make me believe she is going to look at both sides of any issue. All she does is cry about big oil subsidies, tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, and Roe v. Wade, hardly the cry of a moderate. As far as the GOP becoming dictatorial, these Tea Party people didn’t just show up. They were elected based in great part on the Democratic Congress ramming healthcare across without any of this bipartisanship you speak of. If the two sides had actually hammered out a deal together, Obama would be a lock for re-election and the Democrats would still be in control.

Edward Saucier

To answer Iron Mike: 1 & 3 ) None of you business. 2) Liz didn't check that minority box, Brown lied about that.

To answer Alex B. - Oh, I made a typo, sue me! Yeah. paid actors, that's the only lie he apologized for....so far. Hopefully there will be more to come as he has made many of those naughty lies.

The Congressional Medal of Honor is the improper usage for the award as you and I stated and is often and mistakenly used. Congress also was responsible for the authorization of the Silver Star (Google that) but you never hear anyone refer to that as the Congressional Silver Star. The other two common medals, the Bronze Star Medal and the Purple Heart were authorized by executive order. Scott Brown should have know that being a military man and good buddy with the boys at the Pentagon. But he obviously didn't. But all the newspapers that covered it did. They all referred to it as the Medal of Honor. Now that's a lot funnier than my typo, don't you think?

The Limbaugh thing was about an article about Brown apologizing. It mentioned politicians rarely apologize for what they say. Couldn't get the connection, huh? It was part of the same paragraph.

Check out the definition of crash landing and then check out what happened to Retired Navy Captain Thomas Hudner, he was a Lt. JG at the time. Look on the Medal of Honor web site and they give everything that happened. He did not have to make a "crash landing" as Brown stated. The pilot who Hudner tried to save made the crash landing. Brown couldn't even take the time to really check out what happened.

Here is the link http://www.history.army.mil/moh.html click on Korean War then scroll down to HUDNER, THOMAS JEROME, JR.

When Levy made his mistake, which was a while ago, China owned 6% of the national debt. which keeps going up and China keeps buying more bonds.

You should quit assuming facts not in evidence.

Stephen Jacoby


First let me thank you for being an intelligent voice in this forum. I think it's safe to say we don't agree on many fundamental issues, but it's refreshing to discuss topics like this with someone who can express themselves without resorting to schoolyard nonsense. Now, let me try to disabuse you of a few notions.... wink

Yes, while Brown crossed the aisle almost twice as often as Manchin, the vast (almost universal) majority of times he did so were on votes the results of which were a foregone conclusion. He was protected by the GOP in these cases purely for the reason he had to run for re-election in Massachusetts and could use this statistic as a campaign issue in a largely progressive state. If he was a Senator from a red state, I am quite sure his voting record would be far less bipartisan. This is the same rationale behind Manchin's voting record. West Virginia is a solid Republican state and he had to run again as well. However, both of them show their true colors when the votes are close.

Warren "cries" about big oil subsidies and tax breaks for the uber-wealthy simply because these are two of the most obscenely unfair and damaging policies our country has today. There are certainly other issues of importance, but the American attention span is that of a gnat and, if she started going off on every policy that needs changing, the electorate's eyes would roll into the back of their heads in confusion. So she sticks to the big ones. Why on earth are companies making PROFITS approaching $100 BILLION a year allowed to suck out of the public trough? And why are millionaires and billionaires not paying more? It's not like we're trying to roll back the clock to the 40's when the top tax bracket was 94%! We just want to put them back the way they were before W destroyed our economy, which is still a whopping 10.4 points below where they were under the Republican icon Reagan. The combination of "trickle-down economics" (I still like GHW Bush's label of "Voodoo Economics") and deregulation has been tried a few times, most notably in the 1920's (it resulted in the Great Depression), under Reagan (where we saw the national debt exceed a trillion dollars for the first time) and with GW Bush (the effects from which we are still reeling). It's a proven fact that it doesn't work - period - yet Republicans insist on trying to make us think otherwise. Why? Because their financial masters insist on getting special treatment. It's this country that allowed them to get so rich, yet they squeal like the hogs they are when asked to contribute back in an equitable fashion. It's disgusting. (You'll notice I left out Roe v. Wade for the simple reason I think that, while it's legal and has to remain so, I find it deplorable and despicable how it's being used more as birth control than for purely medical reasons.)

Health care was rammed through because the Republicans weren't even the slightest bit interested in doing what was right for the country. Everyone who scored the bill said that it would save the country money - and a lot of it. Looking past the fact that providing basic health care for every citizen is the moral and ethical thing to do, despite the Republican's claim of being the party of fiscal responsibility, they threw that out the window when they made it clear that all they cared (and still care) about is getting Obama out of office. They just want to see him fail. It has been that way since the day the man took office. It was certainly no secret. Every Republican "leader" made it quite clear their agenda was one of obstructionism. It's petty, it's juvenile, and it's bordering on treason.

Iron Mike Farquhar

Ya'know Folks, we ought to be able to send people to Congress and expect them to honor both their promises to us voters, and the OATH they are administered.

Warren has a 20+ year history of lying. Even the research data used for her first book is so suspect that her co-author was fired in June – fired as president of the University of Virginia.

She practiced law here without bothering to sit for the Mass Bar – EVEN AS she was TEACHING Law – at Harvard – for $350K / year.

Then there are the 20+ foreclosed homes she flipped in Oklahoma – at the SAME time she was railing against banks for foreclosing homes. And the BIG $$$ Wall Street banks who gave her campaign cash – as she was campaigning AGAINST Wall Street.

Really Folks, how much walkin' talkin' wall-to-wall lying do you have to see before you tell Warren to take a hike?

Stephen Jacoby

You're a liar. Teresa Sullivan was not fired. She resigned in protest over how certain members of the board were trying to stop her from running the University in the manner in which she was hired to do. It had NOTHING to do with any book. In fact, she has been reinstated by popular demand and is now pursuing the same course she was on when she first left. The book you are lying about was criticized by her enemies because she decided to anonymise the data. Rather than personally identify the people who had gone bankrupt, she simply used the numbers and not the names. What would you have her do, list the names of all the people in the book? Moron.

You're ignorant. Warren was under NO obligation so take the bar exam in Massachusetts. The federal law she was practicing had no requirement for her to do so and neither did her teaching position.

You're leaving out the important part of the story. Warren flipped houses, but for nowhere near the profits reported by the right-wing press (including the Boston Herald that broke the "story"). What they failed to take into account was the fact that the houses she purchased had already been foreclosed and were vacant. No one was foreclosed upon by her or because of her. They also failed to mention all the money she spent fixing them up for resale. All the Herald did was compare what she bought them for versus what she sold them for, which is a completely ridiculous way of doing the math - unless your agenda is to discredit the person you're writing about.

Alex Belisle

I enjoy discussing this. I may not always be an intelligent voice, as I will get into the schoolyard stuff with people who play that way. Sometimes it’s fun. I do enjoy talking about these things, although, and I’m sure you agree, I don’t believe we will ever convince each other to sway and will inevitably agree to disagree. That’s what’s great about America.
First, Brown didn’t cross the line twice as much as Manchin. On “News Making Votes” he only crossed 24% of the time. Manchin’s numbers were not even mentioned in that portion of the Globe article. It’s still safe to assume Brown crossed the aisle more than most. He didn’t need to have this as an issue as he had already won the seat in the first place. He’s been far more willing to work for everyone than the Dem’s give him credit for, and probably not as much as he likes to tout. That’s the political game. I am a fiscally conservative, socially liberal registered Democrat. So Brown is really more in my range of beliefs and values than most politicians.
Brown’s explanation on big oil is as accurate as it comes. They have their profit margins, if we cut subsidies they will immediately drive up prices to maintain their level of profit. As we are seeing now, when gas goes up, everything goes up. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to “suck off the public trough?” Big oil employs 9.2 million people and account for 7.7% of the US economy. Also, anyone with a mutual fund or a broad spectrum retirement portfolio is making theior retirement off the “huge profits.” These companies reinvest their money. We invest millions in companies like GM whose stock the country has is still worthless. Solyndra. Hell, look at RI and Curt Shilling.
Warren says Brown won’t tax the rich, and he’s their lackey. He says he’s not raising anyone’s taxes. Why should we tax anyone more? Why punish people for being successful? While Romney’s 47% speech was demonized, in a way he had a point, but his numbers were off. There are plenty of people who are more than happy to take what the Government gives them, regardless of their ability to work. My sister paid for her masters at a great school, is now a VP of a growing chain of stores, she paid her loans off, why should she pay more in taxes? You don’t find it the least bit disturbing that the people who pay the most in taxes get least out of them? My wife and I work hard, we don’t make a fortune, but healthcare is through the roof, and will get worse under Obamacare, I don’t need welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, yet I’m paying for it. Plus, as we both know, we can’t tax the rich enough to make a damn bit of difference. To be honest, what really gets me mad is seeing what the all the candidates are spending on their campaigns. If people really believed in the “issues” they would take the $40,000 for lunch with Obama or Romney and donate it to the general fund.
As far as Roe V. Wade. That debate is a mess. If you believe that life enters at conception (or anytime before the legal number of days before an abortion becomes illegal) then you hate women. Take religion out of the mix. The scary thing is someday they’ll figure out when life actually does enter a fetus. That’s when things will go wrong.

Health care was rammed through with the expectation that the economy would have recovered enough to handle it by the time it hit. This bill does not provide health care for every citizen. This bill requires healthcare for every citizen. It provides healthcare for those who cant afford it, and I’m good with that to a point. It also provides free healthcare to people who live here illegally. That’s not moral and ethical. That’s a reward for being here Illegally. I do agree that the Republicans want to see Obama fail. I also agree the Dem’s were just as brutal to GW. That’s why the balance in Congress shifts. In the end Congress is the problem. Both sides are so corrupt and deceitful that it’s going to take some kind of a revolution to get people running the country, who actually caer about the country and not a party agenda.
I gotta go pick up my son from Scouts.
Good Night Stephen. It’s been fun!

Alex Belisle

Ed, if you’re going to make a typo, don’t do it in the same sentence where you’re calling another person a dufus, that’s what is funny. I’m still waiting for your “list of lies” but I don’t believe you have one. If you did, you’d have more than Scott Brown’s stupid comment this morning. Here is an example of a lie. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” Remember that one? I bet you threw stuff at your TV when he came on at the DNC, because integrity means everything to you. Doesn’t it Ed?
The CMH is a commonly used term. It’s like me saying Jello for flavored gelatin. If this is what you base your votes on, you shouldn’t vote. Oh, and it’s “should have known” not “know.” Not as funny as “lair” next to “dufus.”
The connection with Rush still makes no sense, although it obviously does to you. “Many politicians have apologized for what they have said in the past, most of them republicans apologizing to Rush Limbaugh.” Why would they apologize to Rush Limbaugh? Did they do something to offend him? What does Rush have to do with anything? He’s a talk show host. “The Limbaugh thing was an article about Brown apologizing.” At least link to it so your rambling makes sense. Heaven forbid Kelly Ripa says something you don’t like.
As far as the “crash landing” goes, I honestly don’t care, and based on the swarm of media frenzy surrounding it, you’re the only one who does.. This man obviously performed a heroic act for his country and Brown used a hero for a endorsement. The pilot is not complaining, but maybe you should call him and rip into him for allowing such a travesty to air. He’d probably thank you. Actually, he’d probably call the police and have you arrested.
I don’t want to be all negative, so I’ll give you some credit. Kyl is an idiot. Here ends this portion of the program.
As for me “assuming fact not in evidence,” I don’t assume facts. Two plus two equals four is a fact. I assume you know the difference between a fact and an assumption. Only one of the prior two statements has been proven to be correct. I still have yet to see your list of facts that prove that all Republicans are pathological liars. I have yet to see your facts that prove Warren didn’t use her Grammy’s stories to get ahead. I have yet to see your facts that show you have any knowledge about issues in this election.
I am glad you are quoting a Levy show from “a while ago”, because these talk show hosts are shaping the opinions of the voters, and it’s very important you get the message out that they’re wrong. Plus, that means my assumption that he’s dead in still in play. Keep up the fight Ed. God Bless America!

Stephen Jacoby

Alex, according to the Congressional Record, Brown was ranked between Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine (all of which were grouped between 50% and 53%) as the top three Republicans most often voting "against their party" when the vote was on a matter where the majority of each party voted in a block.

Also, just to clarify an earlier point made here, China owns 8% of our national debt (the vast majority being held by U.S. taxpayers through treasury bills) but they own 38% (the largest block for the moment although Japan is about to overtake them) of our debt held by foreign countries. So, you were both right - to a point.

Stephen Quist

hypocrite warren and her war on working families continues:
Hired by LTV Steel Corp to pioneer legal strategies they used to try and deny promised health care benefits to their retirees.....warren led the charge to screw the laborers and their families of LTV Steel Co
Bill Clinton/boston globe 9/26/95 at the united mione workers convention: LTV steel was trying to break a solemn covenant with workers
Jay Rockefeller/house way/means comm 9/9/93 200,000+ people whose average age is 77yo will be left out in the cold
AFL/CIO President Richard Trumka: 200,000 miners and beneficiaries out there will lose their healthcare because of LTV's efforts

Hye Aghcheg

Anyone that thinks Warren will be bipartisan is delusional. It's a waste of time to speculate. Better to wait and view her track record, as it will speak for itself.

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