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slides: What the Polls Are Saying About Brown v. Warren

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


The race for the the U.S. Senate is heating up here in Massachusetts with incumbent Scott Brown (R) fighting to hold off challenger Elizabeth Warren (D).  Take a look at what all the latest polls are saying about this historic race.

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Brown v. Warren

The race for the the U.S. Senate is heating up here in Massachusetts with incumbent Scott Brown (R) fighting to hold off challenger Elizabeth Warren (D). The race has gotten down and dirty, with Brown challenging Warren's claims to be 1/32nd Cherokee and Warren slamming Brown for being a Wall Street yes-man.

Warren started out far behind Senator Brown in most polls, but closed the gap over the last few months, even taking the lead at certain points. The latest poll released has the two locked in a virtual tie for the Senate seat in what is expected to go down as the most expensive Senate race in American history.

Now, take a look at what all the latest polls are saying about this historic race.

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Public Policy Polling

Poll Dates: June 22-24

Brown: 46%

Warren: 46%

Undecided or Other: 8%

Inside the Numbers:

After falling behind Warren in the last Public Policy Poll, Brown has surged back five points thanks to new found support from independent voters. Brown led Warren by 12 points among independents in the last poll, but has doubled that number to take a 24 point lead in that category.

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Western New England U.

Poll Dates: May 29-31

Brown: 43%

Warren: 45%

Undecided or Other: 12%

Inside the Numbers:

Once again Brown scores big with independent voters, beating out Warren 50% to 37% on that front.  As for Central Mass, Brown has tremendous support in the heart of the Commonwealth, edging Warren by 14 points in the region. But, Warren's appeal in the Boston-metro area, and amongst voters over the age of 50 puts her over the top in this poll.

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The Boston Globe

Poll Dates: May 25-31

Brown: 39%

Warren: 37%

Undecided or Other: 24%

Inside the Numbers:

This poll saw Warren gain ground on Brown from the last Globe poll, but may have also hinted that the controversy surrounding her Native American heritage is hurting her. Despite jumping up one percent in popularity to 48%, Warren also saw a nine point increase in her detractors, up to 32%.

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Suffolk University

Poll Dates: May 20-22

Brown: 48%

Warren: 47%

Undecided or Other: 5%

Inside the Numbers:

Each of the candidates scored well in different categories. Those polled seemed to trust Brown more to tell the truth, giving him a slight 40% to 37% edge over Warren. They also gave Brown a five point edge in terms of who would be the more independent Senator. But, those polled also thought Warren would better represent the middle class by 13 points over Brown.


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Rasmussen Reports

Poll Dates: May 7

Brown: 45%

Warren: 45%

Undecided or Other: 10%

Inside the Numbers:

The Rasmussen Report polled 500 likely voters, but did not release results, other than who each participant planned to vote for, in their free article.


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Mass Inc. Polling Group

Poll Dates: April 25-28

Brown: 41%

Warren: 43%

Undecided or Other: 16%

Inside the Numbers:

The Mass Inc. poll did not go into detail breaking down the demographics of those polled, but did delve into their opinions of other Massachusetts and U.S. officials. What Mass Inc. found, not unexpectedly, was that the voters held largely favorable opinions of Democratic politicians Governor Deval Patrick and President Barack Obama. But, it also found that Commonwealth voters were not as quick to express these opinions for Elizabeth Warren. She received only a 17% "very favorable" rating, compared to 26% for Patrick and 41% for Obama.


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Harvey Beehive

Brown will win....

Edward Saucier

Polls are like New England weather reports - wait a minute and they'll change. As far as Brown v Warren. Warren has it all over Brown in the brain area. I don't think Brown could have put together a Federal Consumer Protection Agency from scratch like Warren did. The part about Brown challenging Warren's claims to be 1/32nd Cherokee is really a "reaching for straws" type of thing that is typical of the low intelligence level of conservative republicans.

Having college degrees only makes one educated, it doesn't make them smart, common sense and decency have to go along. Those two things are what the conservative republicans lack. There are a lot of smart people who weren't college educated. Conservative republicans feed the wrong wolf. Let's see if a conservative republican can figure out what that means? Hint - maybe you could ask Elizabeth Warren.

Harvey Beehive

Oh Eddie me foolish lad. Still reading that liberal handbook? That's right off of page 22 isn't it. Do you have any original ideas of your own or do you always have to march to orders? Over and out!

Sandy Williamson 328


Ed is just referring to the high level of truth and integrity exhibited by the last three House Speakers in MA. You know,,,,the convicted felons. They are the ones that exhibit all the brains. Ms. Warren just needs to tell even more lies to get the usual constituents in her column. Maybe she can call one of the former Speakers for some hints. Or perhaps, even President Obama. Remember him? He's the fellow that old us the health care mandate wasn't a a tax.

Harvey Beehive

It amazes me to see comments like Ed's. For a man of his age to still be believing the liberal dribble, is truly something to marvel. Like they say: "if you're not a liberal when you're 20, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative when you're 40, you have no brain." And Ed is certainly over 40. Enough said!

Sandy Williamson 328


It's certainly not my intention to call anyone names, or stupid. It seems, however, that Ed can do only that. These forums should include civil discourse. His penchant for baseless name calling adds nothing to the discourse, civil or otherwise. I will not engage in that kind of mindless, mean spirited prattle.

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