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slides: Canseco’s Most Entertaining Tweets Since Coming to Worcester

Friday, July 13, 2012


Say what you will about Jose Canseco (and most people do), the guy is one of the more entertaining personalities on twitter. Since joining the Worcester Tornadoes in late April, the controversial slugger has given fans, bloggers and comedians a great deal of material from his now infamous twitter handle @josecanseco. So now, take a look below at some of the more memorable tweets from Jose Canseco since he arrived in Worcester.

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A famous tweeter

Jose Canseco may now be known as much for his interesting twitter usage as he once was for his thunderous power hitting. From his keyboard the 1988 American League MVP shoots fire at his haters and offers hugs and unique advice to his followers.

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Sign with the Sox?

On the day it was announced Canseco would sign with the Worcester Tornadoes, the power hitter was in Boston taking in the festivites of Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary celebration. While there, Canseco made his case to become Boston's new designated hitter, tweeting:

"Boston needs a dh and I am ready ,just need a tryout .nobody loves playing the game more than I do"

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Haunt a hater

Canseco refers to his critics and detractors as "haters," and it is not uncommon for him to make bold proclamations, and even promises to them. In an April 21st tweet, Canseco promised to stalk his haters from the great beyond, tweeting:

"If you haters don't stop hating I am going to kill myself and haunt you"

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Jose is a part of us

In this April 22nd tweet, Canseco gets slightly philosophical, and slightly incomprehensible, when he says "Am I an angel or the devil what part of you am I, because I am a part of you all"

If you're wondering what he is trying to say, Canseco says don't bother.

"What people need to understand is that twitter is a form of entertainment. There's nothing serious about  it at all. I like to say things and see how people respond," Canseco told GoLocalWorcester in early June.

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A fungus among us

Here Canseco offers up a thought to his haters, claiming that he is similar to a fungus in the sense that he grows on you. Get it?

"I don't hide and I am like a fungus. I grow on u"

Out of courtesy to all of you, we will show a less disgusting fungus here. 

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The tough questions

Canseco rarely minces words, and here offers up one of life's toughest questions to fans and haters alike.

Think about that one for a while.

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President Canseco

Canseco has said on multiple occasions that he desires to run for public office. He went on a multi-tweet rant about how he could clean up the majority of the problems in the Commonwealth. But, here in this May 2nd tweet, he simply reflects on the perks that come with elected office.

"I should be the president of the united states imagine how many haters I could slap then"

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World's oldest joke

Canseco continues his hater slapping theme in this May 6th tweet, and offers a new spin on the oldest joke in the world.

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A new business partner?

Always the shrewd businessman, Canseco took to twitter in hopes of partnering up with Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Canseco extended the olive branch, tweeting:

"Wow Facebook 28 year old CEO worth 20 billion good for him maybe he will invest in my anti aging product I complete you"

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At times it appeared that Jose Canseco had superhuman strength during his playing days. Of course, many would contend there was a reason for that. Here, Canseco reminds us that average mortals cannot handle him.

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If Jose Canseco is to be believed, the Mayan caldenar may have been correct in predicting the end of days. On May 28th Canseco warned the rest of us of our impending doom, tweeting:

"It's only a matter of time before the entire human race is erased"

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Video Chat with Jose

Jose Canseco launched an official website with several unique features, including a live video chat with the slugger himself. Fans and detractors are able to make remarks and ask Canseco questions... All for a small fee. On May 30th, Canseco announced this new feature by tweeting:

"You will all join my website cause it will be so easy and cost almost nothing.you can talk to me..."

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A Conspiracy

Canseco began an online campaign to make the Major League All Star game, posting reminders every week for his fans to vote for him. The only problem? Canseco has not played in the Majors since 2001. So, obviously, he was not on the ballot.

No problem, Canseco said. Simply write him in and let him make the trip to Kansas City for the midsummer classic. Surprisingly, he did not get enough votes.

Or, it is an MLB conspiracy. Either one.

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One day they'll see

Oh, the truly great ones are never appreciated in their time. Here, Canseco draws parallels between himself and former greats that were discriminated against because of their race. 

Draw from that what you will.

Still, Canseco is right about one thing, he did put up some all-time great numbers, with 462 home runs, 1,407 RBI and six All-Star selections.

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Could Jose beat Prince?

Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers put on a show at this week's home run derby, winning the event for the second time. But, could Canseco de-throne the Prince? According to this tweet, you betcha.

"I would win the MLB homerun derby tonight if I was given chance"


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