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NEW: NBA Conspiracy - Promoting OKC Beat Heat T-Shirt

Saturday, June 09, 2012


The NBA has some explaining to do.

Friday night on the NBA store at nba.com, the league's website has "Beat The Heat" t-shirts on sale for fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder who are in the NBA Finals as Western Conference Champions.  Matt Smithers, co-producer of  the "GoLocal Sports" radio show Saturday mornings from 7-9am on 103.7 FM came across the posing last night on nba.com.  Smithers claims the league rescinded the posting later that evening.

Smithers took the time to tweet the photo of the t-shirts for sale to whom he believed was Celtics' point guard Rajon Rondo @CockyRajonRondo.  This is the response he received: "I hope KG and company see this [explitive] for some extra motivation and kick David Ster--...I mean the 'Heats' ass."

Celtics fans are irate with the league for prematurely offering such a t-shirt on their website and flooded the phone lines of 103.7 FM to voice their displeasure to John Rooke and Scott Cordischi Saturday morning.

The show called the NBA league offices for comment but could not reach anyone Saturday morning.

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals will be played tonight in Miami between the Heat and Boston Celtics.  It is scheduled to begin shortly after 8:30pm.


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