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poll: Who Should Replace Jim Polito on WTAG?

Monday, December 10, 2012


Who Should Replace Jim Polito on WTAG?

  •     536 vote - Jen Roy - Former TV Reporter
  •     418 vote - Chris Pinto - Worcester GOP
  •     200 vote - Rob Eno - Red Mass Group
  •     54 vote - Joe O'Brien - Former Mayor of Worcester
  •     44 vote - Peter Blute - Former Radio Host & Congressman
  •     27 vote - Tom Finneran - Former Speaker of the House

The most controversial talk show host in Worcester radio - Jim Polito - has left for Fox25 in Boston. Now, its your chance to vote for some of the leading candidates to replace Polito.

In the post rush Limbaugh's rant against Sandra Fluke, the talk radio platform has been under greater analysis and a big loss in advertising revenue. Many advertisers dropped advertising on talk format after the controversy.

According to Access4Atlanta, "News/talk and sports talk stations on the AM dial have seen their audiences age and slip away. Radio companies with sinking AM signals have been adding FM simulcast signals to bolster their collective audiences."

The demographic of most AM talk radio shows are male, 50 plus years of age who consider themselves to be politically conservative.

Your turn - who should replace Polito?


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Tax Payer Citizen

How about "Bill the Republican"? He is a lot more like most of Jim's followers.

Dan Meyer

How is Blute even on this list? Pinto can stay home where he belongs. LMAO at Finzy. I'd like to hear what Roy has to say.

Harry Huckum

Stinky O'Brien. LOL!

Peter Blech. Please NO!

We should hold a funeral for Worcester Talk Radio if they don't pick Eno, Pinto or Finneran.

Edward Saucier

Isn't it strange when a person leaves a job the company doesn't have a replacement for him? Haven't seen any ads for a radio talk show host for a slot at WTAG radio, 5-9 AM? Are there any qualifications other than a big mouth and the ability to babble for at least ten minutes before a commercial kicks in for another 10 minutes? What a racket, the kind of job that one acquires by knowing someone with juice.

In the case of WTAG you have to be a right-wing kind of guy or gal to get the gig or even a guest host position. Left-wing kind of people may not apply, they're too....ah....reasonable...ah...maybe more intelligent. At any rate they are not welcome at WTAG radio. Doncha think?

Sorry, I can't take the job, I'm retired, left-wing and can no longer get up for those early hour start times.

Dan Meyer

Well Ed, with that said, I'm taking my Liberal ass down there to apply just to annoy them. Dangerous Dan coming at cha'. Annnnd we're back!!!

Harry Huckum

Boycott Dan Meyer's auto parts?
Southbridge St. Worcester MA

Dan Meyer

Only a GOP loving scrublet would boycott an establishment based off a couple of comments. And do your research next time. That Dan only has one E in "Myers". Derp. 'Dangerous Dan' signing off... Be sure to tune in next week when I rip McConnell and Boehner for filibustering themselves.

Stephen Quist

typical ignorant huckster blogging on that which he knows nothing about......per usual...
anyone of those listed would make a great replacement for the originator of hate radio in our city..........no one listens to that morning show anyways.
For all the news you can use without any of the hate tune into:
WCRN 830AM Monday-Friday 5am-9am hosted by the venerable Hank Stolz and the most trusted name in news Sherman Whitman

Christopher Pinto

I only wished that they had put Hank Stolz on this poll just so that we could have seen how he would have stacked up against this cast of characters.

Does anyone care to speculate on that?

Jen Roy

If anyone has questions for me about my views I'd be happy to answer them! Just leave a comment here. Awesome bunch here! If you want to hear me on the radio each day I would be honored to do this show!

Dan Meyer

I'd like to thank the program director and staff over at WTAG for giving me this opportunity. Clearly they know talent when they read it. I had some tough competition for this slot. Ms. Roy, you are more than welcome to guest host on my show.

Edward Saucier

Great news from Dan Meyer (not to be confused with Dan Myers - like Harry do). I expect you to do a great job. A little tip - don't have any right-wing guests - they're degrading. They degrade everything around them and all they touch. They're icky, icky, icky!

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