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5 Great Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Worcester

Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Stumped on how to impress your significant other this Valentines Day? Well, don’t stick to the mundane box of Russell Stover’s and bouquet of roses. Worcester offers a multitude of fine restaurants to get your loved one’s taste buds popping and their heart a-fluttering.

There are plenty of venues to satisfy your loved one’s taste from the traditional Italian feast to sampling a variety of wines with a cheese wedge on the side. Just don’t forget to call in your reservation now, because Valentine's Day is among the busiest days for restaurants all year. Check out these five restaurants when deciding how to make this Valentine's Day a special one.

The People’s Kitchen
120 Commercial Street, Worcester
“Long live food and conversation” is the People’s Kitchen’s slogan, and what better way to embrace it than by spending time catching up with your sweetheart and indulging in some revolutionary menu items that the People’s Kitchen has to offer. If you’re trying to beat the V-Day crowd, TPK offers a $5 Happy Hour Menu from 4:30-7pm with a variety of hors d’oeuvres from your Shoestring French Fries to Deep-Fried Mac & Cheese fingers. They also have beers and cocktails as well as an extensive wine list from wine on tap to cultivated French import wines, if you’re really trying to impress your lady. Their menu is titled the Chef’s Monthly Features, as the items are constantly fresh, changing, and most importantly, completely savory.

Ceres Bistro
363 Plantation Street, Worcester
If you’re looking for sophistication and finesse on your night out, Ceres Bistro is a better place than any to go to this upcoming holiday. Ceres boasts their farm-to-table fresh picked menu and focuses on seasonal ingredients to take their menu a step above the rest. With their array of choices on the menu and a standout steak selection, Ceres is the fitting place to blow away your date this Valentine's Day. Along with their delicious seasonal menu, Ceres has an excellent Valentine's Day menu thoughtfully planned for you and your sweetheart.

7 Nana
60 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester
Large waterfalls and giant chandeliers are bound to set a refreshing, romantic vibe for your dinner out at this upbeat Japanese steakhouse. 7 Nana is a high-end sushi venue that is also equipped with hibachi grill tables, so you and your loved one can have dinner prepared right in front of you. 7 Nana is a perfect place if you want a light-hearted, fun evening with your significant other as the restaurant contains an open sushi and drink bar, but also has a dining room on the side if you are looking for a quieter time for the evening.

Viva Bene
144 Commercial Street, Worcester
Here is the perfect traditional Italian dinner for you. For some reason Italian food can really strike the right chords in a woman’s heart and stomach, so you can’t go wrong with Viva Bene. Viva Bene offers the perfect sense of elegance on the most romantic of holidays and only offers menu items with the freshest, most choice ingredients. They offer a delectable seasonal dinner menu, as well as some mouth-watering, traditional Italian items. As the restaurant menu quotes, “chi mangia bene, vive bene,” translation, "who eats well, lives well.” This restaurant is calling all couples that want to eat well and have an amazing evening on this upcoming romantic day.

Sweet Dessert Bar
305 Shrewsbury Street, Worcester
To aim at the more non-traditional of evenings for Valentine's Day, Sweet is a great suggestion for a nice sit-down with your loved one. Sweet is known nationwide for their TV debut on Food Network. This venue is not necessarily aimed for a dinnertime meal, but for a perfect ending of the evening. The color scheme of Sweet is also perfect for Valentine's as the venue is painted in many shades of pink, giving the bar a fun, clean feel. Sweet offers an intimate bar and seating area for a calm and quiet atmosphere to wind down the evening. All of the spirits and mixes are locally made, as Sweet offers the most delicious desserts, cupcakes, cocktails, and martinis. Again, this cute, tranquil bar is a splendid way to wrap up an evening with the one you love, over a delicious dessert and cocktail. 


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Anthony Darius Rozevicius

I heard a rumor that Viva Bene is closed. Can anyone verify that? Also, you so missed "Ritual" on Main Street.

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