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Should Elizabeth Warren Run for President in 2016?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


There has been much speculation as of late in regards to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and whether or not she will decide to run for president in 2016, with many looking at her public appearances throughout the United States as a potential reasoning as to why she might be gearing up for a run.

Many political analysts are quick to point out that she would make a great candidate if she were to run for president, but admit that there is one person standing in her way of even beginning to put together a campaign.

“I think that Elizabeth Warren would make a great candidate,” said Paul Giorgio, a longtime Democratic Party activist in Worcester. “I think that she would be a formidable candidate but having said that, I think there is only room for one woman so whether or not she runs will all come down to Hillary Clinton.”

Although not announcing a run at the Presidency, it is widely speculated that Hillary Clinton will be one of the Democratic candidates, potentially one that could win the primary. In the past, Warren has shown support for Clinton and her presidential run.

Supporting Clinton

When asked if she is planning on running for president in 2016, Warren has been steadfast in admitting that she will not be running, something that Mary Anne Marsh - a seasoned political operative with the Dewey Square Group in Boston – believes should be taken as truth.

Although admitting than Warren would make a fearless and effective leader – she has already shown in a relatively short period of time in the Senate that she can hold people’s feet to the fire – Marsh doesn’t believe that Warren would run against Clinton because she has supported a potential presidential run in the past.

“Everyone seems to forget that she signed a letter in support of Hillary Clinton,” said Marsh. “In my perspective, there is no reason to doubt what she is saying; you really have to take her at her word.”

Smart Politics

Regardless of whether she makes a run for President in 2016, Erin O’Brien – an Associate Professor of Political Science at UMass Boston – says that Warren’s nationwide outreach is “smart politics.”

By getting her feet wet during a soft period, Warren is benefitting greatly. She is able to achieve greater exposure on a national level as well as open herself up to criticism without any sort of large-scale attack from Republicans or other groups.

“Warren has taken some steps toward a national stage and to get her feelers out to see if a potential presidential run could be appealing to her,” said O’Brien. “Barring some unexpected issue pulling Clinton from the race, I don’t see Warren running. With that being said, taking steps toward a national stage are incredibly smart for her, both in the short and the long term.”

A Strong Candidate

Tad Devine, a veteran Democratic political consultant, believes that Elizabeth Warren would make a strong candidate is she was to decide to run for president because she has a good message and a great ability to raise funds, something that would be critical in the early stages of a campaign.

With that being said, because Clinton has long been viewed as one of the next Democrats to run for President in 2016 and because Warren has shown support for Clinton in the past, Devine doesn’t think it would be a good move for Warren to run in 2016.

“I don’t think it would be a great move for Warren to run if Clinton is running,” said Devine. “Warren could be a very serious candidate, but I believe that if Clinton is running, it could be a very serious step back for Warren. A lot of people would potentially see her as someone who is trying to get in the way.”


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17th Worcester - House

Incumbent: John Binienda, Sr. (retiring)

Democrats: Mike Germain (pictured), Moses Dixon

Republicans: Kate Campanale

“If Mike Germain wins the primary, it will be interesting to see how hard he works to win the house seat; he is not known to be that hard of a worker. I think that if he wins, that seat could go to the republican candidate.” - Chris Pinto, Worcester Republican City Committee

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12th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Harold Naughton, Jr.

Democrats: Harold Naughton, Jr.

Republicans: Brad Wyatt (pictured)

“Harold Naughton decided to leave to run for Attorney General. When it seemed like his competition would be to hard, he came back to run for his old seat. While Naughton is seemingly on his way out, Brad Wyatt is a candidate who is very much on the rise.” - Bill McCarthy, Worcester rep, Massachusetts Republican Party

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Stephen Brewer's Open Senate Seat

Incumbent: Stephen Brewer (retiring) (pictured)

Democrats: Anne Gobi

Republicans:James Ehrhard, Michael Valanzola

“James Ehrhard has to win the primary against Valanzola but I think that he has a real shot at winning the primary. Ehrhard is a candidate that is really working hard to go door-to-door covering all the towns and working really hard.” - McCarthy

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1st Worcester - Senate

Incumbent: Harriette Chandler

Democrats: Harriette Chandler, William Feegbeh, Sean Maher

Republicans: Paul Franco (pictured)

“I think that all of the Senate races are going to be very close and competitive. Paul Franco is a super guy and a great candidate. I think the Franco/Chandler race has the potential to be a top three race in Central Massachusetts.” - Rob Cunningham, Executive Director, Massachusets Republican Party

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16th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Daniel Donahue

Democrats:  Daniel Donahue (pictured), Joshua Perro

Republicans: none

“Donahue is clearly ahead in his race. His primary opponent has no clear rationale as to why he is running.” - Paul Giorgio, Democratic Party Activist

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15th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Mary Keefe (pictured)

Democrats: Mary Keefe, Philip Palmieri, Ralph Perez

Republicans: none

“Anytime you have a state representative (Keefe) up against a city councilor (Palmieri), you are always in for a competitive race.” - Giorgio

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Worcester/Norfolk - Senate

Incumbent: Richard Moore (pictured)

Democrats: Richard Moore

Republicans: Ryan Fattman

“Ryan Fattman is running in a really favorable district against Richard Moore who has been there a long time. Richard may be a nice guy, but when you look at what is going on at Beacon Hill, a young candidate may be just what we need.” - Cunningham

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18th Worcester - House

Incumbent: Ryan Fattman (pictured)

Democrats: David Cortese, Mark Dowgiewicz, Brenda Ennis

Republicans: Charles Arakelian, Jesse Limanek, Joseph McKenna

“I think the 18th Worcester House District will be a good race. We will have to see how it advances as we get closer to November.” - Travis Shofner, Data Director and Voter File Manager, Massachusetts Democratic Party

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9th Worcester - House

Incumbent: George Peterson, Jr. (retired) (pictured)

Democrats: Martin Green 

Republicans: Shawn Craig, David Muradian, Jr.

“We have been keeping our eyes on the Peterson seat. Martin Green will be running for that seat. We think that race will be very competitive.” - Shofner

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10th Worcester - House

Incumbent: John Fernandes

Democrats: John Fernandes (pictured)

Republicans: Christopher Kivior, Mark Reil, Jr.

“There are quality candidates running against Fernandes, a guy who has been there a while. Given the mistrust in Beacon Hill, I think some of these good republican candidates have a good shot.” - Cunningham


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