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If Patrick Becomes US Attorney General - See How the Cards Fall

Monday, November 12, 2012


The biggest rumor working Washington, D.C. is that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will take over as U.S. Attorney General. The tenure of Eric Holder is expected to come to an end, and the appointment of Patrick helps the President in a number of ways. First, the President would be assured of a loyal Attorney General. Second, Patrick's corporate experience could help the President if he tries to go after the Big Banks during his second term or if he decides to repair his relationship with them. In either case, Patrick knows the Wall Street game.

Third, Patrick gives the President a talented politician who can work with Congress, especially with Senate Democrats.

The appointment of Patrick would trigger a collapse of the house of cards and set off a political frenzy of activity ranging from the Kennedy compound to Worcester to Boston City Hall. Take a look at which cards could get played in the fallout. 

According to Newser, "Obama is trying to find a place for Deval Patrick, and he's the frontrunner for attorney general—a job he also held under Bill Clinton. Janet Napolitano is interested too, but she's also considering running for Senate—and could be a Supreme Court pick."


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