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Worcester Clerk Answers to Election Commission

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Worcester City Clerk David Rushford responded to questions posed by the Board of Election Commissioners stemming from the confusion over poll observer rules between the City and the Secretary of State's Office during the November election on Monday.

In a written response to questions received from the Board of Election Commissioners, Rushford said he believed the issues surrounding poll observer rules and the Secretary of State's Elections Division had already been resolved.

"It was my understanding at that meeting in December the matter of the Commission's communications with the Secretary of State relative to the November 6, 2012 election was addressed and resolved to everyone's satisfaction," Rushford wrote in a letter to the Election Commission dated Monday.

"If there are any further questions regarding this matter, I'd be happy to discuss them at the appropriate time and in the appropriate forum."

After last month's Election Commission meeting, Commissioner Robert Winant submitted several questions to Rushford stemming from communications between the Commission and the Secretary of State's Office. Rushford had made statements during a meeting that the Secretary's office had adopted new protocols for poll observers, which would require that they present identification and wear a badge while in the polling place.

However, those statements subsequently proved to be incorrect when Michelle Tassinari, legal counsel for the Secretary's Elections Division, wrote to the Election Commission informing them that the state had made no such changes to its rules and highlighting the inconsistencies between Rushford's statements and existing statues.

For Winant, the Clerk's response to his questions was lacking.

"I submitted the questions with the understanding that they would be addressed," Winant said, noting that Rushford stated in his letter that he believes that everything was resolved to everyone's satisfation, but had he felt everything had been resolved to his satisfaction he would not have found it necessary to submit his questions to the Clerk.

"I would like to, if possible, get them addressed in a more detailed manner."

Winant then deferred to his fellow Commissioners and whether they felt the matter had been adequately addressed.

"I personally feel that at a previous meeting when this issue was first brought up that there was lengthy discussion and some protocols were put in place to avoid a communication issue in the future," said Commissioner MaryAnne Dube.

"I've never known Mr. Rushford to be anything but the most honest, upright and forthcoming individual," she continued.

"I don't think that any of the issues were the result of a plan that was put in place but perhaps a lapse in communication," said Dube, noting that under the new protocols with the Secretary of State's Office, the Election Commission can look forward to more open communications between the two entities.

Chairperson Diane Mohieldin, Commissioner John Goggins and Dube all said they were satisfied that the issue had been addressed fully.

Commissioner David Lapierre was not in attendance at Monday night's meeting.

"The Commission as a whole has decided that the matter has been satisfactorily dealt with," said Winant, adding that he would abide by the Commission's decision. 

Worcester, MA: Election Commission Questions


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Stephen Quist

Unfortunately the Election Commission has a teapartier in its midst and the end result is one of trying to besmirch and denigrate an outstanding, upstanding individual whose whole career is built on trust and integrity......David Rushford has served our city admirably and with a 100% effort........the issues and supposed allegations were found to be groundless

Harry Huckum

I hope they don't run Harr Motors the same way they have been running this election commission. Or maybe that's why it's been run this way with a car salesman in charge.

Stephen Quist

the old huckster still living in a hermedically sealed bubble

Harry Huckum

With all my teeth Q, unlike you with your rotted teeth and political appendages in your mouth 24/7. Which might be the cause of your oral hygiene problems.

Edward Saucier

I think Winant needs a good punch in the mouth. That's what I think.

Harry Huckum

hermetically Q not hermedically you dummy.

Edward, are you threatening Mr. Winant?

Iron Mike Farquhar

Seriously People,

EVERY major US city currently in major decay – i.e. high unemployment, high crime, bloated welfare rolls, and property values near or at street trash levels,...began their demise through widespread corrupt elections.

Surprise, surprise, - they were all started by the Democratic Party. That's a fact. Poster cities include Detroit, Chicago, Newark, Camden, Philly, New Orleans, and St. Louis. There are a dozen more...

The minute the party in power [in cities it is almost ALWAYS Democrats] sinks to the level of voter fraud and corrupt elections, the city begins to die.

Sadly, Worcester has been dying for a generation.

Any HONEST person – of EITHER party – should be offended – and should be DEMANDING clean elections.

But of course from the 'usual suspects' you hear the usual denials and the now-inevitable curse '...they're all TEA Partiers!'

Yeah? The TEA Partiers I've met are WAY more open and honest than the Democrats [socialists] I've met. It's isn't the TEA PARTY trying to stuff illegals onto the voting rolls!

Christopher Pinto

Edward Saucier,

You may very well be in violation of federal law concerning threatening folks online. I have notified Commissioner Winant of you comment so that he can inform the Worcester PD of your suggestion that he should be punched in the mouth.

And you liberal clowns keep claiming that it is the Tea Party that is extreme. Yeah, Right. Keep repeating that one all you want it still doesn't make it true.

Edward Saucier

Hey Chris....BITE ME!

Iron Mike Farquhar

For the world to see,...what passes as logic and polite conversations from the 'educated and civilized left': “Hey Chris....BITE ME!”

Anybody from the Worcester Democratic City Committee care to rebuke or disavow Mister Saucier? Or is he truly one of your own?

Edward Saucier

Poor delicate little Chrisie the little bitty girlie man has to get his little buddy Mikey in the fray. Aten-hut, give me your name rank and serial number boys - then drop and give me twenty. We'll make men out of you bozos yet!

I haven't heard from Winant or the WPD yet Chrisie, did they tell you to get lost?

P.S. - Hey Mikey - Bite me!

Sandy Williamson

Well done, Ed. More civil discourse when you have no facts or point to make.

Edward Saucier

Now little Sandy butts in. Figures. This whole thing started with a tongue-in-cheek statement. But it seems you right wing jerks can't tell the difference between fooling around and being serious. It has been my observations that your type can dish it out but can't take it. So here the real dope, I'm being serious now. I treat people like they treat me. You three think you're real special and have called me names and ridiculed my statements or comments in the past. Therefore I do not treat you with respect as I do not respect you. And that's the name of that tune!

Iron Mike Farquhar

Let me give you a little hint here Ed...

In all my years in the military, we soldiers saluted superiors pretty automatically when we saw the insignia of rank...

It quickly becomes a mechanical reflex. The rank is being saluted, - not the officer.

Respect is a whole different animal. Respect has to be EARNED!

Same thing for disrespect. It gets EARNED too!

You wouldn't know it – being one of the protected,...but there is a ~ way ~ soldiers salute an officer that they don't respect. You'd get a lot of those, - that is if you were ever able to actually earn a commission.

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