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poll: GoLocal Poll: Who is running a better campaign: Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren

Monday, September 03, 2012


GoLocal Poll: Who is running a better campaign: Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren

  •     1619 vote - Scott Brown, Republican
  •     473 vote - Elizabeth Warren, Democrat

In just over two months voters in the Commonwealth will go to the polls to vote for U.S. Senator. Sitting U.S. Senator Scott Brown has a 5 point lead in recent polls. Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren is out fundraising Brown.

While Warren got off to a good start, she got bogged down on questions regarding her claimed Native-American heritage. Brown got caught claiming to meet with "Kings and Queens," but has regained control of the race. Who is running a better campaign - Your Turn to Vote. 


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Harry Huckum

Warren's campaign has been gaffe-tastic.

Stephen Jacoby

Just like this useless "news" outlet, this poll is absolutely worthless. You can vote multiple times, meaning anyone can throw off the results. (I personally "voted" twice for each.) Too bad you don't actually care enough about facts and statistics to create a valid poll.

Edward Saucier

Good going Steve. I like a guy who checks those things out. Shows you're thinking. You must be a Democrat or a real Independent?

Liz Warren seems to have a lot of facts in her ads where Scott Brown doesn't. She also came out with 2 different T-shirts as an ad gimmick where Scotty didn't. That's clever. Her shirts are American made and the silkscreen message also includes the Union Bug. Liz Warren is a proven thinker, you know, the Consumer Protection Agency among other things. Scotty, not so much.

All the reich-wing can harp on to denigrate Liz is that Indian BS. Forget about it!

Edward Saucier

Well Steve, you're right. From the time I wrote and entered my first comment Liz was behind by 2 votes - now she's behind by 178. The reichsters are real busy cooking the poll so they can brag about Scotty.

Stephen Jacoby

This is my third attempt at making an additional comment here, which forces yet another observation about the integrity of the owners/managers of this website. They have the page set to refresh automatically after a short period of time. The only reason I can think of to do such a thing (other than denying people the time necessary to write a comprehensive comment on the matter at hand) is to artificially inflate ad revenue based on impressions. Sad that many readers (not to mention advertisers) will never know how they are being so blatantly manipulated.

Stephen Jacoby

Now, on to my comment.... (copied and pasted from Notepad to ensure my ability to complete a cogent thought)

First of all, it would make me both happy and sad to see this shill of the rabid right wing attempt to publish the results of this poll as anything but the purely useless numbers they actually are. I have a video screen capture of myself voting multiple times and would be happy to provide it as evidence of a lack of journalistic integrity should GoLocal ever dare to cross that line so blatantly.

Secondly, yes I am a registered Independent, but with a strong tendency to support candidates who look forward rather than backward. However, I value above all else a candidate's honesty, integrity, transparency, and dedication to making our country and the world in which we live a better place for most rather than just the select and powerful few. Unfortunately, these are values with which the majority of the Republican Party has completely lost touch over the past few decades. They have instead become - especially here in Worcester - a mob of petulant, juvenile, and obstructionist brats, willing to do and say just about anything - truthful, ethical, moral, or not - to discredit their opponents. I am not saying the (D)'s are innocent, but they pale in comparison. The (R)'s just seem to have made lying, distortion, and unfounded character assassination part and parcel of their first line strategy across the board.

As a lifelong student of history (especially political history), I have observed that scare tactics and "back to the future" policies are the hallmark of a party that mimics factions found in every society in decline that civilization has ever known. Since Greco-Roman times and earlier, there have always arisen factions which, to gain power and influence, simply incite fear and call for a "return to our glory days" as a solution to fixing that society's woes. (Sound familiar?) Sadly, while most of these factions were eventually quite successful, that success invariably signaled the demise of that society. It's an historical fact that moving backward socially has never - ever - worked. You either move forward or get trampled by the next society in line for dominance. (As a quick aside, the primary problem with this scenario in the present day is that today's rising society is China, a militaristic and totalitarian state with no regard whatsoever for human rights. It's Athens imploding under the pressure of a rising Sparta all over again.) Yet the Republican Party has, for the most part, been beating that drum incessantly for almost 50 years.

Scott Brown is just another (albeit tamer than many) example of this. He has repeatedly proven himself willing to prostitute himself (and his vote) for financial reward and has, despite his protestations to the contrary, shown nary a shred of independent thought or action in his Senatorial career. On the other hand, Elizabeth Warren has shown herself to be always looking out for the common citizenry over the special interests. I personally couldn't care less if she's 1/32nd Cherokee or if she's 100% Martian, but I believe her when she says she believes she's part Native American. But that doesn't matter even a little bit because it's a documented fact that she has never once used her ancestry to advance her career or chances of gaining employment. It's only others (Harvard, et al.) that have done that to exploit her potential to add to their coffers. On the contrary, she has always declined to take that road when offered. To me, these are unmistakeable signs of integrity and class, both of which are clearly questionable in Scott Brown.

For these reasons alone I can't help but support Warren over Brown.

Harvey Beehive

The poll doesn't matter. Warren will lose...

Edward Saucier

Very good Steve, right on the money, you are. I too have to copy and paste comments. Mentioning flaws like that seem to fall on deaf ears. Let me welcome you - I was starting to get sick of fighting those clodhoppers by my lonesome. By the way, you writing style is similar to the T&G blogger Carlo Baldino. Isn't that interesting?

Stephen Jacoby

"Harvey" - That's just what I most enjoy reading. Thanks so much for a well thought-out and reasoned argument. You may have just changed my mind with your post.

Stephen Jacoby

Edward - No, I am not Carlo.

Steve Hocheiser

Steven and Edward you should just get a room together and stop polluting this site. Nobody is forcing you to read it. Stop complaining. Oh, never mind. You are democrats. You complain, whine, lie, cheat, steal and distort reality about everything that matters in this world. Don't cut Medicare payments. Great, we need to care for our elder citizens. But great democrats say those nasty Republicans want to cut you benefits. If we do not fix Medicare in a meaningful way we will lose. Same for Social Security. Warren is an Ivory Tower Idiot. If she wins an Ivory Tower will be looking for it's idiot. One last thing about Warren. It sounded good to be part Native American. A bold face lie. She never anticipated someone fact checking her - she's a democrat dammit!

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