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slides: Massachusetts a Top-10 State for Democrats

Saturday, August 04, 2012


The Gallup Organization has released its list of the top-10 most Democratic states in America, and Massachusetts took the No. 5 spot. Gallup ranked states by what they call the "Democratic advantage," which takes the percentage of people in a given state that lean toward the Republican party, and subtracts that number from the percentage of people that lean toward the Democratic party.

By finding this "Democratic advantage," Gallup believes they have uncovered the most Democratic states in America and, not surprisingly, eight of the top-10 are found on the east coast. Check out the slideshow below for the full list, and see the Gallup results here.

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1. Washington D.C.

While it may not be a state, our nation's capital does check in as the most Democratic part of the country. The District is by far the most favorable voting region for Democrats, as 78.6 percent of residents are Democratic leans, leading to a 66 percent Democratic advantage.

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2. Rhode Island

The Ocean State may be small, but there are still a large number of Democrats making their home in Rhode Island. With a 26 percent Democratic advantage and 47.8 of its residents claiming to lean toward the Democratic party. Despite this, Rhode Island is still the only state in the top-10 with a less than 50 percent approval rate for President Obama, with only 49.2 percent approving of Obama's work in office.

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3. Hawaii

The Aloha State seems to have a definite fondness for the Democratic party, registering a Democratic advantage of 26 percent. Hawaii is also very fond of President Obama, giving him a 56.1 percent approval rating, with only 32.6 of residents objecting to the job he has done thus far.

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4. New York

New York comes in fourth, but actually has 51.1 percent of its residents leaning Democrat, more than No. 2 Rhode Island. But, New York's 31.2 percent Republican leans knock it down the list to a distant No. 4 with a 21 percent Democratic advantage.

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5. Maryland

Maryland rounds out the top-5 as the last state with a 20 percent or greater Democratic advantage. Maryland registers exactly a 20 on this scale, and nearly 53 percent of its residents claim to be Democratic leans.

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6. Massachusetts

Long known to be a Democratic state, Massachusetts comes in at No. 6 with a Democratic advantage of 19 percent. Interesting for a state that features Republican Senator Scott Brown, and Republican former Governor Mitt Romney, who is, of course, now running for President. 

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7. Delaware

Coming in at No. 7 is the first state, Delaware, which registered a Democratic advantage of 17 percent. Delaware also has the distinction of housing the largest percentage of residents claiming to be "moderates," with 41 percent identifying as such.

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8. Connecticut

The 8th most Democratic state is Connecticut, coming in with a Democratic advantage of 15 percentage. Interestingly enough, 50.7 percent of Connecticut's population lean towards the Democratic party, but only 24.4 percent identify themselves as "liberal."

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9. Vermont

The fourth and final New England state on the list is Vermont. Like Rhode Island, less than half of Vermont's residents lean toward the Democratic party, but the state makes up for it by having so few people identify as Republicans. The state's 14 percent Democratic advantage comes largely on the back of only 32 percent of its population leaning toward the Republican party.

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10. California

The only western state in the continental U.S. to make the cut, California boasts a 14 percent Democratic advantage. Still, California does have some characteristics that make it seem less Democratic, such as a (relatively) low 50.1 percent approval rating for President Obama and 35.2 percent of its residents identifying as "conservative."

Oh, and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected as a Republican in 2003, the same year he reprised his role as a cybernetic killing machine from the future for the third time.


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Harvey Beehive

Another shocker! But what may be more shocking is this tidbit. Only 39% of Dems are enthusiastic about voting in Nov. compared with 52% of Reps. I hope fools like Meninio and Warren and other MA dems keep opening their yappers. Its doing more each day to help the GOP and to demoralize Dems. This week's Rassmussen poll shows the election with Romney at 48% and Obama at 42%. More revealing is the 42% for Obama. The further he gets from the magical 50%, the worse it gets for him. He has NO coat-tails. Gov. Pee Wee couldn't even get a full house for Moochelle the other day. Democrats are already begining to run away from Obama like he's a leper.

Milton Cross

Every State That Elected GOP Governor in 2010 Saw Drop in Unemployment Rate

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