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NEW: Brown Criticizes Warren for Uncontrolled Spending

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


With a $1.1 trillion federal deficit projected for 2012, Republican Senator Scott Brown released a statement on Wednesday attacking Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren for not planning to rein in spending.

"With the deficit exceeding one trillion dollars for the fourth year in a row, we must act now to rein in runaway government spending," Brown said in the statement, adding that he supported a balanced budget.

"Professor Warren will do nothing to control spending. She is calling for a new stimulus, even though the last one failed," the senator said.

"Her reckless economic policies and her hostility toward job creators will drive our economy over the cliff to fiscal ruin." 

The Warren campaign released a statment in response to Brown's attack accusing the Senator of distracting voters from the GOP's policies on women.

"Unfortunately for Brown, the Boston Globe sponsored an independent review of both candidates' deficit reduction plans that concluded Elizabeth Warren's plan was 67% more effective than Scott Brown's at reducing our debt," the statement read.

"Brown knows that, yet chooses to try to deceive voters with this misleading statement to distract them from his votes against equal pay for equal work, to allow employers to limit access to birth control, and his support for the Romney-Ryan ticket."


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