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NEW: Lynch Claims Markey Soft on Terrorism

Monday, April 22, 2013


In a blistering press release, the Rep. Stephen Lynch campaign blasted Ed Markey's record on security. 

"During tonight’s U.S. Senate debate on WBZ, discussion turned to homeland security issues. Throughout his Congressional career, Rep. Stephen Lynch has consistently voted to strengthen homeland security and give our first responders the resources they need to keep Massachusetts safe. His opponent, Rep. Ed Markey, has often been one of the only Representatives in all of Congress to oppose basic homeland security funding measures," said Lynch's release.

The Lynch campaign outlined all the areas Lynch voted for tough homeland security issues and where Markey voted against. According to Lynch's release"

In 2002, Congressman Lynch voted in favor of creating a Joint Interagency Homeland Security Task Force to facilitate communication and cooperation between federal state and local agencies. Congressman Markey voted against. (HR 5005 – July 26, 2002).

Congressman Lynch has continuously voted to fund the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. Congressman Markey voted against Homeland Security funding in 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2011. Ed Markey was one of just five Democrats to vote against funding the TSA in June 2009. (HR 2200 – June 4, 2009).

Congressman Lynch voted to reauthorize three provisions of the Patriot Act, which allowed for "roving" wiretaps on suspects who use multiple devices or modes of communication, to request access to "any tangible thing" deemed related to a terrorism investigation, and to seek warrants to conduct surveillance of "lone wolf" foreign terrorist suspects who may not be connected to a larger terrorist group. Congressman Markey voted against extending these provisions. (HR 514 – February 17, 2011)

Congressman Lynch voted to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Service Act (FISA), which governs electronic surveillance of foreign terrorism suspects. Congressman Markey voted against the bill. (HR 5949 – September 12, 2012)

Congressman Markey was also one of just 16 Representatives to vote against a resolution extending sympathies to victims of 9/11 and thanking foreign leaders and citizens of all nations who have assisted the United States. (HR 757 – September 2004)



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Daniel Margolis

Has Go Local Worcester declared its full support for Lynch? It seems so, given this horribly biased piece of reportage. You're covering a campaign by simply posting up one of the candidate's press releases. You don't check with the Markey campaign to see if there's a response?

What if Markey put out a press release saying that Lynch murdered children in the 1980s - would you post that, too?

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