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NEW: State Rep. Calls for People’s Pledge After Outside Groups Enter Race

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


{image_1Republican State Representative Peter Durant has called for an end to outside spending in his reelection campaign against Democratic challenger Kathleen Walker in the 6th Worcester District.

"In light of the negative tone that this campaign has taken on, mostly through the malicious and unsubstantiated negative campaigning of outside groups, I believe it is time for politicians, both those in office and those seeking office, to take a stand," Durant wrote in a letter presented at a debate Tuesday night.

"I pledge that, should you agree to the same, my campaign will not accept independent expenditures from corporations, labor unions, or political action committees. Although we are forbidden as candidates from coordinating on independent expenditures we will send notice to those organizations that this type of influence is hereby banned from our respective campaigns."

Similar to the People's Pledge adopted by Republican Senator Scott Brown and Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race, violations of the pledge would carry a penalty of $1,000 to the opposing candidate's charity of choice.

However, Walker said she already made such a pledge herself, in a letter to Durant dated September 27, to which the Representative never responded.

"Please know that I have pledged to run a clean, fair, issues focused campaign without the aid or the influence of those who would seek to disrupt, intimidate and corrupt the electoral process that allows each and every citizen the right to vote," Walker wrote in the letter. "I know you will agree that there is no place in this campaign for that type of activity."

Durant said he was not aware of the September letter from his opponent, but that in light of its message she should have no problem agreeing to the pledge he issued earlier this week. The Republican incumbent said a total of four groups have sent out mailers negative mailers in support of his Democratic rival.

“Maybe it’s because he didn’t get the help from outside groups that he expected or maybe it’s just that his campaign is flailing as more and more voters take an honest look at his voting record,” Walker said, “but I’m glad that he has finally joined me in agreeing to run a clean campaign.”


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Stephen Quist

republiCant durant now wants to eliminate outside campaign slush funding and influence?
what a hypocrite....he's only concerned now for the sake of his own political self preservation......another extremist teapartier republiCant that needs to be put out to pasture..........

Tax Payer Citizen

There you go again with the name calling again Steve. As far as I know, Representative Durant is not a member of any Tea Party. He has done a great job, not only fighting for his district but the whole state.
It’s ironic that he has been fighting corruption during his entire first term and now he is fighting corruption in his reelection!

Do you know if Walker and Binienda took the same ethics class? They both seem to rely on dirty mudslinging and lies to further their campaings.

Stephen Quist

Yeah - there I go again calling a spade a spade.......you may not like the truth......too bad.
"as far as I know..." I guess you just don't know - do you?
If Durant is not an anti-extremist teapartier as you even admittedly claim then all Durant has to do is stand up - man up and renounce the extremists teapartiers.......something tells me we won't be hearing this from Durant and then we are left with his true beliefs.....very extreme......

Tax Payer Citizen

You Liberals don't really believe in looking at peoples records do you?

I can see why, Obama.

Stephen Quist

there you go again tpc - again painting with a broad brush..........not even worthy of an answer...

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