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Paul Giorgio: The Biggest Political Winners and Losers in 2013

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Paul Giorgio sorts out the biggest political winners and losers of 2013.

So who were the big winners politically in 2013 in Central Massachusetts?

Karen Polito

The big winner was Karen Polito who muscled her way on as Charlie Bakers running mate. The question remains now if Baker can win the Governorship in 2014 with Tea Party darling Polito as his running mate. She certainly will help in Central Massachusetts, which is important to a Baker win. Who lost in this exchange? We hear Sheriff Lew Evangelitas and Governor’s Councilor Jen Casie were both seriously considered before Baker settled on Polito. Hell, Baker even floated former Democratic Attorney General Tom Reilly’s name as a possible running mate.

Ed Augustus

Ed Augustus is a big winner. Plucked from Mount Saint James, where he runs Community and Government Affairs for the College of the Holy Cross, Augustus was tapped to be Worcester’s City Manager for the next 9 months. Augustus will bring an outsiders perspective and a steady hand to the manager’s office. Who lost? City Hall insiders who all thought that they might be the acting or permanent manager?

Dan Donahue

Dan Donahue was a big winner. The former Deputy Chief of Staff to Worcester Mayor Joe Petty was able to beat a crowded field in the 16th Worcester Districts Democratic Primary Special election before going on the beat a Republican challenger in an overwhelming Democratic district. Donahue has already started to make a name for himself in Boston after only a couple of months on the job. They see him as a real comer and someone who can fill the shoes of former Representative Vincent Pedone from the neighboring 15th Worcester District.

John Fresolo

The big loser in all of this was John Fresolo, the former State Representative who was forced to resign amidst a House of Representative ‘s Ethics Committee investigation, whose results have not been made public. Fresolo, is saying that he is going to run in 2014 for the seat he vacated. The question remains, will that force Speaker Robert Deleo to release that Ethics Committees report, further damaging Fresolo.

Worcester Tea Party + Activate Worcester

A big loser this year is the Worcester Tea Party and Activate Worcester. Not because of anything they did or didn’t do. But in an unnoticed dust up, that was not really reported in the Worcester media, Gabriel Gomez, The GOP Senate nominee against Ed Markey, referred to them as a Clan or “Klan”. No one was sure or no one knows why.

Roberta Schaffer + the Municipal Research Bureau

Another big loser was Roberta Schaffer and the Municipal Research Bureau. Schaffer penned a piece for a nationl government affairs magazine attacking the Worcester City Council. She was ripped apart by councilors and basically declared persona non grata at City Hall. The only smart thing she did was to write it after she resigned as head of the Research Bureau. The big winner in all of this is Tim McGourty, the new head of the MRB and outgoing Chief Economic Development Officer for the City. Why is he a big winner-easy- he isn’t Roberta Schaffer.

Mike O'Brien

Mike O’Brien, outgoing City Manager is a big winner, leaving office after 10 years on the job and at the height of his popularity. O’Brien landed a big job in the private sector with Winn Development. Unlike Willie Mays, Obrien knew when to quit. This is a win-Winn for him.

Joe Petty

The biggest winner this past year has been Worcester Mayor Joe Petty who has emerged from the shadows and has become an effective leader of the City and of the City Council. His quiet way has brought people together. His crushing defeat of perennial candidates Konnie Lukes and Bill Coleman, proved Petty and effective vote getter. He also led the local effort to elect Ed Markey and earlier Elizabeth Warren thus picking up political IOU’s from the states two Unites States Senators.


Paul Giorgio is a longtime Democratic Party Activist who has worked on numerous campaigns. He was a Lead Advance Person for President Clinton & Vice President Gore. He was Deputy Director of Special Events for President Clinton’s first Inauguration. He has been elected a delegate to numerous Democratic National Conventions and recently served as one of President Obama’s representatives on the Platform Committee. In 2013 he was chosen as a Presidential Elector. He is the President of Pagio, Inc., publishers of Pulse Magazine, Vitality Magazine and Worcester Medicine.


Related Slideshow: New England Communities With the Most Political Clout 2013

The Sunlight Foundation, in conjunction with Azavea, released data maps this week showing political contribution dollars to federal elections dating back to 1990 -- by county.

GoLocal takes a look at the counties in New England that had the highest per-capita contributions in the 2012 election cycle -- and talked with experts about what that meant for those areas in New Engand, as well as the candidates.  

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25. Merrimack County, NH

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $9.86

Total contributions: $1,447,713

Merrimack County is named after the Merrimack River and is home to the states capital, Concord. Merrimack County has a total area of 956 square miles and a population of 146,761.

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24. Cheshire County, NH

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $9.88

Total contributions: $759,209

Cheshire is one of the five original counties in New Hampshire and was founded in 1771. The highest point in Cheshire County is located at the top of Mount Monadnock, which was made famous by the poets Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau.

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23. Rockingham County, NH

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $9.96

Total contributions: $2,965,530

Rockingham has 37 communities and has a population of 297,820. Rockingham County also was home to the famous poet, Robert Frost

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22. Belknap County, NH

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $10.02

Total contributions: $604,512

Belknap County is one of the ten counties in New Hampshire and has a population of 60,327. It is located in the center of New Hampshire and the largest city is Laconia.

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21. Hampshire County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $10.41

Total contributions: $1,664,077

Hampshire County has a total area of 545 square miles and is located in the middle of Massachusetts. Hampshire County is also the only county to be surrounded in all directions by other Massachusetts counties.

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20. Barnstable County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $10.90

Total contributions: $2,348,541

Barnstable County was founded in 1685 and has three national protected areas. Cape Cod National Seashore is the most famous protected area within Barnstable County and brings in a high amount of tourists every year.

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19. Berkshire County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $12.49

Total contributions: $1,624,400

Berkshire County is located on the western side of Massachusetts and borders three different neighboring states. Originally the Mahican Native American Tribe inhabited Berkshire County up until the English settlers arrived and bought the land in 1724. 

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18. Essex County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $13.22

Total contributions: $9,991,201

Essex is located in the northeastern part of Massachusetts and contains towns such as Salem, Lynn, and Andover. Essex was founded in 1643 and because of Essex historical background, the whole county has been designated as the Essex National Heritage Area.

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17. Chittendon County, VT

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $13.86

Total contributions: $2,196,107

Chittenden has a population of 158,504, making it Vermont’s most populated county. Chittenden’s largest city is Burlington, which has about one third of Vermont’s total population.

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16. Lamoille County, VT

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $14.82

Total contributions: $369,854

Lamoille County was founded in 1835 and has a population of 24,958. The county has 464 square miles, of which 461 of them are land.

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15. Addison County, VT

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $15.49

Total contributions: $569,299

Located on the west side of Vermont, Addison County has a total area of 808 square miles. Addison's largest town is Middlebury, where the Community College of Vermont and Middlebury College are located.

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14. Newport County, RI

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $16.02

Total contributions: $1,214,26

Newport County is one of the five Rhode Island Counties and was founded in 1703. Just like Connecticut, none of Rhode Island counties have an any governmental functions.

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13. Cumberland County, ME

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $18.33

Total contributions: $5,205,507

Cumberland County has a population of 283,921 and is Maine’s most populated county. The county was named after the William, Duke of Cumberland, a son of King George II.

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12. Windsor County, VT

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $20.57

Total contributions: $1,156,149

Windsor County is the largest county in Vermont and consists of 971 square miles of land and 5 square miles of water.

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11. Bristol County, RI

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $20.91

Total contributions: $1,027,472

Bristol County has a population of 49,144 and is the third smallest county in the United States. Bristol County was originally apart of Massachusetts, but was transferred to Rhode Island in 1746.

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10. Grafton County, NH

Contributions, per capita, 2012 :$20.95

Total contributions: $1,868,739

With a population of 89,181, Grafton County is the second largest county in New Hampshire. Home of New Hampshire’s only national forest, White Mountain National Forest takes up about half of Grafton’s total area 

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9. Carrol County, NH

Contributions, per capita, 2012: 2012: $22.81

Total contributions: $1,012,10

Created in 1840, Carroll County has a population of 47,567. Carroll County was also named after Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the United States Declaration of Independence.

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8. LItchfield County, CT

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $22.86

Total contributions: $4,286,143

Although it is Connecticut’s largest county, Litchfield has the lowest population density in all of Connecticut. Since 1960 all Connecticut counties have no county government.

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7. Middlesex County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $32.81

Total contributions: $50,432,154

Middlesex County has a population of 1,503,085 and has been ranked as the most populous county in New England.  The county government was abolished in 1997, but the county boundaries still exists for court jurisdictions and other administrative purposes.

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6. Nantucket County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $33.41

Total contributions: $344,021

Nantucket County consists of a couple of small islands and is a major tourist destination in Massachusetts. Normally Nantucket has a population of 10,298, but during the summer months the population can reach up to 50,000.

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5. Norfolk County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $35.87

Total contributions: $24,459,854

Named after a county from England, Norfolk County is the wealthiest county in Massachusetts. As of 2011, Norfolk was ranked the 32nd highest income county in the United States. 

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4. Dukes County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $36.32

Total contributions: $618,960

Consisting of Martha’s Vineyard and the Elizabeth Islands, Dukes County is one of Massachusetts’ top vacation spots. Originally Dukes County was apart New York, however it was transferred to Massachusetts on October 7, 1691.

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3. Suffolk County, MA

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $40.73

Total contributions: $30,323,537

Suffolk County has a population of 744,426 and contains Massachusetts’s largest city, Boston. Although Suffolk’s county government was abolished in the late 1900’s, it still remains as a geographic area.

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2. Knox County, ME

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $45.89

Total contributions: $1,820,410

Knox County was established on April 1st, 1860 and was named after American Revolutionary War General Henry Knox.  The county has a population of 39,668 and is the home of the Union Fair.

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1. Fairfield County, CT

Contributions, per capita, 2012: $55.65.  

Total contributions: $51,970,701 

In a population of 933,835, Fairfield County is the most densely populated county in Connecticut, and contains four of the state's largest cities -- Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk and Danbury.


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Sandy Williamson

Paul, since this is an opinion piece, you are obviously welcome to state your opinion. Many years ago, however, Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan [D-NY] warned us, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts." This caution has never stopped you in prior submissions, and it didn't this time either.

In the opinion piece, you state: "A big looser this year is the Worcester Tea Party and Activate Worcester. Not because of anything they did or didn’t do." You then assert, "But in an unnoticed dust up, that was not really reported in the Worcester media, Gabriel Gomez, The GOP Senate nominee against Ed Markey, r referred to them as a Clan or “Klan”. No one was sure or no one knows why."

Do you ever read GoLocalWorcester? On December 28, 2013, GoLocalWorcester covered this "dust up" in some detail: http://www.golocalworcester.com/politics/Can-Gabriel-Gomez-Ever-Be-Viable-in-the-GOP-Again/. Perhaps you should read it. Oddly, the article never mentioned the Worcester Tea Party or Activate Worcester, but specifically Rob Eno (publisher of Red Mass Group [http://www.redmassgroup.com/]) and Chris Pinto (Treasurer of the Worcester Republican City Committee). While these gentlemen may be associated with the groups you mentioned, Mr. Gomez never mentioned those groups, nor did the article in GoLocalWorcester.

Paul, you really need to work harder to get your facts straight, even within an opinion piece. Where you refer to "an unnoticed dust up", an article four earlier in the same publication notes, "....the impact was the story rocked the political world in both Massachusetts and around the country." And the prior article never mentioned any relationship to the Worcester Tea Party or Activate Worcester, while seem to make up something out of whole cloth.

Perhaps you could have contacted Mr. Eno or Mr. Pinto for the facts. Neither is difficult to find and both have stated their positions publicly on the so called "dust up". For that matter, did you check with any representatives of the Worcester Tea Party or Activate Worcester for their positions on the Gomez kerfuffle? Do even know anyone associated with the Worcester Tea Party or Activate Worcester? Have you ever spoken to anyone associated with the Worcester Tea Party or Activate Worcester.

We all know your point of view, but if you want to just make up things to support your position, get a job a MSNBC.

PS - Nice job on changing the picture. I guess you agree that you're known by the company you keep, so you dumped the perjurious pervert.
PPS - Don't know if it is you or the editor, but you need some work on typo's in the article.
PPPS - It was "Klan", not Clan. This is easy to research.

Iron Mike Farquhar

Paul, - YOU are the BIGGEST winner for 2013 – because somebody still sees fit to actually PAY you to write your anti-American left-wing garbage....

Worcester and the Go-Local readers are the biggest LOSERS, - for the same exact reason....

Too bad Go-Local couldn't find a real old-time Harry Truman Democrat to write op-eds; but then, - they've probably all died off, - or are so ashamed of what passes these days as 'democrats' that they won't emerge from their old folks homes.

Link WorcesterTea

Mr. Giorgio it is apparent from your comment about our group in this posting that you are unaware of the activities of the Worcester Tea Party. If you wish to learn more about the Worcester Tea Party and our initiatives for the New Year you may attend our January 9th meeting to equip yourself with the facts. Come also to enjoy the great food at The Canal.

7:00 PM, Thursday, January 9th
The Canal Restaurant & Bar
65 Water St

We will have two speakers:
James Boudreau is a career entrepreneur, consultant and small business owner, and author of the recently released book, "Exporting Prosperity: Why The U.S. Economy May Never Recover". The United States has spent a good portion of the past 20 years in or on the brink of economic recession. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at almost zero and the Federal Government has spent trillions on so-called "stimulus", yet the standard of living for the average American continues to decline. Jobs are few and far between, age discrimination is rife and layoffs abound, yet politicians continue to "distract and deflect" everyone's focus towards other issues and "kick the can down the road". Exporting Prosperity explores the statistics that actually drive many aspects of the economy, in sharp contrast to the "feel-good" numbers reported each day."

Nathan Fatal is a familiar face to many Tea Party members in the Worcester area. Nathan introduced Gov. Gary Johnson at our 2012 Tax Day Rally. He is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with a degree in Political Science. He is also founder of the New England Objectivist Society. Nathan will talk to us about how we can attract more young people to our cause.

Our meetings are free and open to the public. You especially could benefit from firsthand knowledge about the Worcester Tea Party.

Harry Huckum

Giorgio doesn't like facts. What liberals do. But don't that get in the way of telling LIES.

He especially doesn't like these facts about his past:


He appear to be, and is alleged to be a criminal of epic proportions, if you believe what Rosalie has said about him and what others say about him.

And then you have Tom Finneran. Another convict who writes for this publication.

Truly not a reputable site for good opinion pieces. Their news is usually pretty good and the human interest stuff is well... interesting. But the opinion is a bunch of lies from a bunch of disreputable liars.

Why do you even bother with them?

Iron Mike Farquhar

Why bother with them Harry? Probably the same reason you do,...because it's fun aggravating MoonBats, and because the uninformed readers need balance and truth.

It's kind of like playing that Whack-a-Mole game...they keep popping up with the same failed garbage party lines, as if they actually believe their own lies.

I have a vision – of these evil dudes after they die – walking to Hell past all the aborted babies they didn't care about.....and all the Black teenagers who died living the ghetto life the Democrats consigned them to....

One thing for sure harry, I want them challenged, and I want their skin to crawl every time they write their socialist tripe! Happy New Year Bro!

Harry Huckum

I don't know if their skin crawls because I know very little about snakes, but I do know that they (Giorigio, Finneran, et al) lend credence to the accusations that the Democratic party is a criminal enterprise.

Happy New Year Fellow Patriot.

Iron Mike Farquhar

...and God Bless Tiny Tim!

Harry Huckum

Yet another new article on this site showing that Gabe the SEAL doesn't even know who the Worcester tea party is.


Your left wing narratives don't even come close to reality, but then you were probably getting drunk when you wrote this fiction.

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