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Warren Supports Harry Reid on Romney Tax Returns

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Senate hopeful, Elizabeth Warren, says she's not afraid of getting in some political fights, demanding that both Mitt Romney and Scott Brown release their tax return history.

When asked if she supported Harry Reid (D-NV) in demanding Romney come forward and publicize his tax returns, Warren said, “I think this is an important point of public principle – that for every year he was in public service, he should release his tax returns,” she said. “I think that should be the arrangement. If he started in public service, started running for governor in 2002, he should release them from then on. He’s been running ever since.”

Romney has been under fire recently for refusing to make the returns public, yet Reid has also taken criticism for his allegations that Romney is neglecting to publish these due to a bad record.

“I just think it’s important to release the taxes. That’s the right way to draw the line. If you’re in public service, the public has a right to know,” Warren said.

Warren said of former Governor Romney’s track record, “I was not a fan.”

Warren was in Worcester celebrating the official opening of her local office. State representative Jim O’Day, state Senators Harriette Chandler and Michael Moore, and city councilors were also in attendance, as well as Mayor Joe Petty and Lt. Gov. Tim Murray, who both spoke before her.

Warren demanded that her opponent, Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) release his tax returns as well.

“I think Scott Brown should release his tax returns for all the years he’s been in public service. He’s been in public service for twenty years, then he should have twenty years of tax returns.”

Warren spoke to the group about the importance of the race and about their challenging opposition.

“The Republicans have lots of money, lots of organization out there, and they are willing to do or say whatever they think it takes, but I want you to hear this: I’m not afraid. The reason I’m not afraid is that I know I’m not in this alone. I’m in this with you, for you,” she said. “We know what this race is about, why we are here to work. We believe in accountability. I want to say this: I know it’s going to be a fight. I’ve gotten a taste of that over the last few months.”

“This is a neck and neck race,” Murray said, bolstering the crowd to make grassroots efforts. “This race is critical to the future of the country, and that’s not hyperbole, that’s true.”

“We know we’ve got a fight on our hands,” Warren said. “I will be out there every single say fighting for what I know is right. We all know exactly why we’re here and exactly how important it is.”


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Stephen Quist

And Warren should release all of her papers from schooling, personal finances, etc.......
I agree that hall of famer IHOP'er flip-flopping mitty needs to be forthright and honest to the American people and release all of his taxes from 1999 to the present.
The simple fact is that flip-flopping romney was (through his lawyers)
in attempting to establish residency here in Massachusetts was attending meetings of Bain Capital through 2002. He was listed as CEO, COO, President and sole stockholder of Bain Capital contray to filings he filed with the SEC.
That is an out and out felony in misrepresenting filings to the SEC.
The flip-flopping mitty should be indicted on felony charges immediately.

Jeffrey Davis

If you have nothing to hide there is no problem. The public has a right to see your tax records. If you don't want to do that don't run for public office.

Milton Cross

Put a fork in Warren, Ms. Pinocchio-hontas,” “Running Joke” or “Sacaja-whiner,” she’s done!
Every time she opens her mouth another lie comes out, first it was she was raised poor, we find out her family was rich. Says she’s just like the people of Massachusetts yet she’s a Carpetbagger from Oklahoma a Harvard academia elitist, who teaches a mere 2 classes yet pulls in 350K, then the fake Indian bit, then her plagiarizing a cook book, Pow Wow chow, next she’s says she’s want to stop middle America from getting hammered, (her favorite line) but she made big profits from the mortgage meltdowns by flipping houses, then she says she was the first breast feeding mom to take the Bar exam, then says her “My grandmother drove a wagon in the land rush to settle territory out west, and there are many more lies, She has been accused of repeated instances of scientific misconduct, meaning she made up data or massaged results of a 1989 book she co-authored. The Dem’s screwed up by picking this candidate without vetting her, she is a disaster! Luckily there is the Boston Herald, Howie Carr and WRKO to give the people of Massachusetts daily updates on exploits of this fake Indian.

Harvey Beehive

What a dope Harry Reid is. "I know a guy who knows a guy..." Dirty Harry, why won't you release your tax returns...for once?
He is a disgrace to the senate, and to his office. To use time on the senate floor to make those comments is pathetic and shows that the Democrats are desperate and are throwing their Hail Mary passes already. For Lying Lizzie to get sucked into this charade not only shows how desperate she is, but also how stupid she is. Quist is right. Let her release her records which contain information about how she got her job at Harvard. And while we're at it, let Obama release his records at Harvard.

Harvey Beehive

Woops! This just in. Lyin' Lizzie says she made a "mistake" by backing Dungy Harry's ridiculous comment. I guess she figured it was a mistake when the sh** began to hit the fan and splatter all over her and Dungy Harry. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Harvey Beehive

Jeffery...the last time I read the Bill of Rights, I saw nothing which said that the public has the right to see anyone's tax returns. Liberals seem to think that because they want something, it somehow becomes a "right"...

Milton Cross

Obama's Missing Records - What's wrong with this picture? This is someone running for President. We deserve to know.
1. Occidental College records – Not released
2. Columbia College records – Not released
3. Columbia Thesis paper – “not available”
4. Harvard College records – Not released
5. Selective Service Registration – Not released
6. Medical records – Not released
7. Illinois State Senate records – “not available”
8. Illinois State Senate schedule – “not available”
9. Law practice client list – Not released
10. Certified Copy of original Birth certificate – Not released
11. Embossed, signed paper Certification of Live Birth – Not released
12. Harvard Law Review articles published – None
13. University of Chicago scholarly articles - None

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