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ALPHA MALE: 4 Things That Women Hate (That Guys Need to Stop Doing)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


As a guy, there are several female style missteps that make me cringe. Too much make up, stripper pumps, and a plethora of hairspray are all well intended style behaviors that can result in major turnoff. Likewise and unbeknownst to many males, women have developed quite a list of their own turnoffs and common male missteps. In order to better inform our readers and keep them desirable to the ladies, we asked four women to provide us with something they would view as a style turnoff in a male.

There are two major ways for a male to smell obnoxious; too much body odor or too much cologne.

Women use all of their senses when checking out a male, and if you smell like a bottle of cologne, you’re going to be fighting quite the uphill battle. Don’t announce you’re coming into the room with an odor that’s ten feet before you enter. Make sure that you use cologne in moderation. Instead of taking a cologne bath, simply spray the bottle in the air and walk into the cloud. This will give you just enough coverage to send her hormones into overdrive…instead of out of the room.

Make sure that you trim your facial and body hair.

I understand that some women find facial hair sexy, but if it’s not groomed, it makes you look sloppy. Additionally, when a woman goes to kiss you, she doesn’t want to leave with a rash. Trim your facial hair so that its neat and quaffed. In addition, make sure you have TWO eyebrows. Pluck or wax to prevent a unibrow. Finally, if you have more hair on your chest or back than your head, make sure that you keep it at bay. Trim this hair and make sure that it’s not popping out from under your shirt.

GELMET alert

A GELMET describes a guy who wears entirely too much hair get to the point that it looks like he is wearing a football helmet. How is a woman supposed to rub her hands through your hair if they’ll get stuck? Hair gel is great, but make sure you use a product that gives you structure without a waxy and oily feel. Too much hair gel can be messy too – a gelmet turns out to be a real cleaning disaster.

Jean failures

Finally, we understand that jeans have become the norm for most “hot to trot” guys, but make sure you find a jean that fits your body. There is nothing worse than a thirty year old guy wearing gangsta jeans down to his ass or an overly tight pair of jeans that squeezes your boys. Women love a man in a well-fitting pair of jeans. Make sure your jeans compliment your physique, not make you look like a goof. Additionally, stay away from “dad jeans”. Buy a high-quality, well-tailored pair of designer jeans – they are more likely to come off at the end of the night than anything less!

Marc Streisand is president and owner of Marc Allen Fine Clothiers, and takes the custom clothing business very personally. Having enjoyed a successful career in the clothing industry since 1985, Marc brings his clients extensive specialized experience in menswear. Prior to taking over the Marc Allen store in March 2005, he cultivated his knowledge of luxury male attire in New York and his home state of New Jersey, where he began his vocation at Wallach's Specialty Stores. Nothing gives him greater pleasure, he says, than seeing raw cloth transformed into a custom outfit that can directly impact his customer's lifestyle.


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