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John Monfredo: 50 Things A Child Needs To Do

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Kids are like sponges...teach them these valuable life lessons while they're young and they'll be better off in the long run.

Parent involvement is crucial to the health and well-being of a child. Parents are the most important influence in their child's success in school and in life. In this role, parents have a fresh opportunity every day to become involved with their child and guide them in their development.

As parents direct their child in developing the needed skills to succeed in life, start this summer by considering the following 50 things for children to do:

1. They need to smile often.

2. They need to see you light up when they get home from school or when you get home from work.

3. They need to learn when to call 911.

4. They need to visit their public library often.

5. They need to learn to not keep secrets from you.

6. They need to say nice things about people instead of hurtful things.

7. They need to make a best friend and also be one.

8. They need to learn to say, “I’m sorry.”

9. If they are fortunate to have grandparents they need to spend time with them and hear stories about you.

10. They need to respect what you say is their curfew…including television and computer curfews and be home at a time set by you.

11. They need to develop the art of listening without interrupting and remember what’s being said.

12. They need to develop a “love for reading” and read every day.

13. They need to stand up when meeting an adult and shake hands while looking them in the eye.

14. They need to clean up a room before leaving it.

15. They need to see poverty to understand its impact and how education is one of the cures.

16. They need to write a letter to the editor about something that they want changed.

17. They need to think positive and to show gratitude.

18. They need to see a utility bill to become aware of the cost of utilizing appliances and technology.

19. They need to learn how to pack and organize their school backpack each day. This way homework makes it home and finished assignments make it back to school.

20. They need to keep a daily journal about their time at home and at school.

21. They need to make friends with people who don’t look like them or speak their language

22. They need to be on time for school, meetings, and etc.

23. They need to develop the habit of brushing, flossing and mouth wash every day.

24. They need to be courteous to other people and it starts with family members.

25. They need to write a thank you note for gifts that they receive.

26. They need to see that following the crowd is pointless if the crowd is headed in the wrong direction.

27. They need to choose their friends wisely and stay away from them when their friends are doing the wrong thing.

28. They need to learn not to talk about anyone or spread rumors.

29. They need to get in the habit of wearing their seat belt in any car.

30. They need to be neat in appearance, neat in organization, neat in thinking, neat in actions for neatness always beats the alternative.

31. They need to resist high pressure from other kids their own age or from salespeople.

32. They need to vacuum their room regularly.

33. They need to not compare themselves or their possessions or their accomplishments to other people for this is a key to happiness and humility.

34. They need to be able to organize their work and plan ahead instead of worrying.

35. They need to make a “to do” list every day and follow it.

36. They need to learn to swim.

37. They need to deal with defeat and be humble in victory.

38. They need to eat less junk food and exercise more.

39. They need to get involved in a community project such as reading to a “homeless child” or cleaning up the neighborhood.

40. They need to develop a taste for fruits and vegetables.

41. They need to learn a healthy breakfast makes them smarter and it’s good for their health.

42. They need to learn to budget and invest a part of their allowance into savings.

43. They need to develop the art of living without especially when they have to pay with a credit card.

44. They need to see what makes credit cards radioactive…late payment fees, inactivity fees, over the limit fees and balance transfer fees.

45. They need to develop great keyboarding skills and type with ten fingers without looking.

46. They need to remove anything stupid they may have posted on MySpace or Facebook. Colleges and job recruiters are looking there too.

47. They need to design and create computer games and not just play them.

48. They need to stop blaming other people and learn to forgive.

49. They need to let gossip die with them.

50. They need to develop strength of character to do the right thing, even though everybody else is doing the wrong thing.


Well, there you have it! Obviously there are lots more things that children need to do but this list could lead to a discussion about these ideas and perhaps adding other items to the list. One more thing let me know how you are doing and what’s working for you at home! Perhaps we can share another column on this subject. Remember, let’s do it for the children!


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