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NEW: AG Candidate Naughton Criticizes Tolman Gun Control Proposal

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Massachusetts Attorney General candidate, Warren Tolman, unveiled yesterday a proposal to mandate fingerprint recognition technology on all newly manufactured firearms sold in the state.

Read about the proposal here

Today, one of his opponents, Hank Naughton, issued a statement in response to that proposal, stating that Tolman's solution was "neither realistic nor all encompassing."

Naughton's response

“Since the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary last December, my committee has held more than a dozen hearings on gun violence across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. People from all walks of life offered their suggestions for improving the safety and well being of our kids. We heard from parents whose children lost their lives in Newtown. We heard from mothers whose sons and daughters were gunned down in Boston, and Springfield and everywhere in between. We heard different perspectives from different people – all of whom have made it a personal priority to stem the epidemic of gun violence.

It is notable that Warren Tolman did not attend a single one of these hearings, nor has he offered this solution of his to the committee. The technology he suggests has been discussed in front of the committee, and there are doubts both about its effectiveness and its practicality. Additionally, if this technology could, as Warren has suggested, be implemented unilaterally by the Attorney General and immediately reduce gun violence, I am quite sure AG Coakley would have take this step already.

Thousands of people in Massachusetts have worked extremely hard to move gun safety beyond politics and into effective policy. As the result of our statewide hearings, early next year we will be introducing meaningful legislation that will address gun violence in a number of ways; addressing everything from gun sales to mental health. Unfortunately, my opponent is already doing his best to undermine these efforts for political gain, by advocating “solutions” that are neither realistic nor all encompassing. The Attorney General’s office should be above such games.”

Reaction from Tolman Campaign

Chris Joyce, a campaign spokesperson for the Warren Tolman campaign responded to Naughton's criticism with a statement, "Warren looks forward to seeing the committee's proposals, but his plan is something that can be done through regulation."


Related Slideshow: The Influence of Gun Money in New England States

New Data from The Sunlight Foundation shows state-by-state breakdowns for donations to groups on both sides of the gun debate. The money went toward candidates, political parties, and political action committees (PACs), but doesn't include donations to independent or so-called “super PACs”.


See how much money went to candidates in each of the New England States in the slides below.

Prev Next

Rhode Island

State Candidates

Control $: 0

Rights $: 229650

Federal Candidates

Control $: 19557

Rights $: 5612

Prev Next


State Candidates

Control $: 2850

Rights $: 20538

Federal Candidates

Control $: 54058

Rights $: 104579

Prev Next


State Candidates

Control $: 8325

Rights $: 51700

Federal Candidates

Control $: 27318

Rights $: 142505

Prev Next


State Candidates

Control $: 4076

Rights $: 56200

Federal Candidates

Control $: 43666

Rights $: 121596

Prev Next


State Candidates

Control $: 0

Rights $: 40330

Federal Candidates

Control $: 4500

Rights $: 7550

Prev Next

New Hampsire

State Candidates

Control $: 1500

Rights $: 22475

Federal Candidates

Control $: 34337

Rights $: 293560


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