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Central MA’s Man of the Year

Thursday, January 01, 2015


As of 2013, MCPHS University had more than doubled its enrollment of full-time equivalent students from 580 in 2009 to 1,293. In 2014, MCPHS notified the city of Worcester that it was planning on expanding to 2,000 students, quadrupling its 2009 numbers, over several years. This increase in enrollment is expected to bring continued development to downtown Worcester.

President of MCPHS, Charles F. Monahan Jr., is behind this incredible growth and development. Monahan is GoLocal Worcester's 2014 Man of the Year.  Born in Worcester, Monahan's family owned six pharmacies in the city. He is a graduate of MCPHS, was a pharmacist for 35 years and became President in 1997.

Monahan and MCPHS have been an integral part of Worcester's downtown development since the school came to the city. The school is an $85 million complex that now owns nearly 20 properties in Worcester, and has more than 1,500 students and over 200 employees. The university has invested over $350 million in properties downtown for housing and education purposes. MCPHS is part of non-profit PILOT program (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) in the city of Worcester. MCPHS has negotiated a contribution of a percentage of their annual property value with a 2.5 percent increase each year over 20 years.

In 2014, Moody's Investor's Service noted the growth of all of the MCPHS campuses. According to the report, "Management's focus on operating efficiency and a flexible business model have contributed to extraordinarily strong operating cash flow and...the addition of new programs and online degrees has lead to 55% growth of total full-time equivalent students." The report continued, "As of June 30, 2014, the university's $473 million endowment (unaudited) cushioned debt by over four times and annual operating expenses by over three times. The university has significant holdings of marketable urban real estate, the potential value of which is only partially reflected in Moody's financial ratios."

In March, Monahan was mentioned as a strong supporter of the new Yawkey Station stop on the Worcester-Framingham Commuter rail line. "If the Worcester Commuter Rail stops at Yawkey Station, the commuter saves 30 minutes in commuting time from Back Bay to the LMA. That's valuable added time to the employee and the employer," said Monahan. 

In September, Monahan was present at the ribbon cutting of the Family Health Center of Worcester, a project he played an integral part in. MCPHS students benefit from serving their clinical rotations at the Center. The Family Health Center is located at 26 Queen Street. 

As reported by GoLocal, beginning in Spring of 2015, Reliant Medical Group and MCPHS University will launch the first residency program for advanced practitioners in the state that trains physician assistants and nurse practitioners in primary care. For the duration of the program, residents will be employed as full-time staff by Reliant and will be offered a pro-rated benefits package that includes paid time off, health insurance, a retirement plan, disability and life insurance, reimbursement for licensure expenses and student loan repayment eligibility after second year if hired into permanent position.

"This is just one more example of the expanding roles realized from clinical rotations as well as didactic preparation experienced by our students within area hospitals, community health centers and dedicated medical groups such as Reliant,” said Monahan.


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Brittany Durgin

Former Editor-in-Chief of Worcester Magazine

On December 24, Brittany Durgin finished her time with Worcester Magazine after nearly six years. Durgin began as a temporary staff photographer in 2009, but worked her way up the ranks, serving as Online Editor for two years, before serving the last two years as Editor-in-Chief.

So what's in store for Durgin now? She is going to back to school. Starting in January, Durgin will be working on a Master's Degree in Library and Information Science at Simmons. Fittingly, Durgin was also recently selected to serve on the Worcester Public Library's Board of Directors.

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Orlando Baxter

Worcester Comedian

In 2014, comedian Orlando Baxter of Worcester was one of two Americans selected to participate as a finalist in the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland. Baxter, along with five other comics from around the world, performed for three nights in the 'English speakers' portion of the festival. 

"It was my international debut," said Baxter. "I was honored to be selected to represent the United States this year."

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Dr. Melinda Boone

Superintedent of Worcester Public Schools

Earlier this month, Worcester Public School Superintendent Dr. Melinda Boone presented her plans for an Academy for Advanced Learners at Doherty Memorial High School. According to those plans, WPS will spend 2015 evaluating and planning for the new academy.

At a School Committee meeting in December, Dr. Boone said, "This is a district-wide program. It’s not limited to any one school and Doherty is the most centrally located high school. For ease of transportation and access, that was the purpose."

The plan for the school is to hold at least one public hearing over the next few months. The School Committee will formally vote on the academy in April, and if it passes, an Advisory Committee will be put in place by August.

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David Muradian

Newly Elected State Representative

At 32-years-old, David Muradian will begin his first term as State Representative for Worcester's 9th District. In November, Muradian defeated Democrat candidate Marty Green for the State Rep seat vacated by former representative George Peterson after twenty years in office.

Muradian served as an aide to Peterson for seven years as Director of Local Affairs before deciding to run. In aninterview with GoLocal Worcester before Election Day, Muradian said "I don’t think there’s any negative of any age and that’s the benefit of democracy. People go out and campaign and advocate about what they are going to be able to bring to the table. All the candidates out there are doing what they can to state their positives. No matter what your age, you need to identify your solutions and how you’re going to benefit your district.”

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Stephanie Fattman

Register of Probate

In November, at the age of 26, Republican Stephanie Fattman won the Register of Probate seat for Worcester County in a huge upset over incumbent Stephen Abraham. Fattman is in her third year at Suffolk University Law School. Even at such a young age, and with no previous experience practicing law, Fattman caught the attention of Worcester County voters.

In just a few weeks, Fattman will begin her six-year term as Register of Probate. Fattman's husband, Ryan Fattman, one of GoLocal's 14 Who Made a Difference in 2014, will also begin his first term as State Senator next month.

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Matthias Waschek

WAM Executive Director

In a speech during the opening of the 'Knights!' exhibition at the museum, Worcester Art Museum Executive Director Matthias Waschek said "if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for a swift institutional turn around, the staff of the Higgins and that of the Worcester Art Museum would have set something like a world record - where the former were preparing in no time for the transfer of assets, the latter were processing it in lightning speed: the Higgins closing was announced a year ago and we have now the entire collection under our roof."

That speech was made in March 2014. The 'Knights!' exhibition features armor and weapons that were assumed by WAM from the former Higgins Armory Museum. It was an unbelievably quick transfer of a collection and it put WAM and Waschek in the spotlight. 

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Nicole Gingras

Nicole Gingras started Twine Floral right from her house this past April. A product of Rittner Floral Design in Boston, Gingras took what she learned there and incorporated aspects of her own life to the floral business. 

"I have always loved flowers and making arrangements and thought that I could make a career out of it.  I always wanted to own a flower shop and after doing research and talking with a lot of shop owners I decided to go to school," said Gingras.

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Wonder Bar Pizza

Grand Re-Opening Expected Soon

The Wonder Bar, a staple on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester for nearly 85 years, was sold to the Prizio family this year. The Prizios currently own the famous Regatta Deli on Lake Avenue in Worcester. In October, the family announced that they had purchased the Wonder Bar and had begun renovations as they prepare for their Grand Opening.

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Elizabeth Wambui

Major Gifts Associate at the American Red Cross 

Elizabeth Wambui, a Major Gifts Associate at the American Red Cross of Central Massachusetts helps to raise funds through coordinating special events. These funds go directly to support the critical work that the Red Cross performs. For example, Wambui works with committees to plan events such as the Hometown Heroes Breakfast that honors local individuals who have performed heroic acts. Wambui also helped coordinate the Red Cross Annual Golf Tournament.

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Brian Abraham

Boston Red Sox Assistant Director of Player Development

Brian Abraham, of Worcester, and a graduate of St. John's High School in Shrewsbury, has been a Major League Staff Assistant for the Boston Red Sox the past two seasons. Going into 2015, Abraham has recently been promoted to Assistant Director of Player Development. Abraham will be moving from a uniformed on-field staff member to the Red Sox front office. 

Abraham will be dealing with players in the Red Sox' farm system and development of minor league players from the point of when they're drafted or signed as a minor league free agent or International free agent.

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Martin Gohary

Co-Founder of Worcester Jazz Collective

At 25-years-old, Martin Gohary is the co-founder and pianist of the increasingly popular Worcester Jazz Collective and is a music teacher for Worcester Public Schools. 

"Martin's only been playing Jazz for four or five years. He woke up one day and decided he wanted to do it. To be on the level as a musician that he is at, having only played for as long as he has, that's extremely commendable. He's gotten to a performance level that he's musically at right now is a huge deal. He's a raw talent," said Tom Lubelczyk, bassist for Worcester Jazz Collective.

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Alina Eisenhauer

Executive Chef and Owner of Sweet Bar and Restaurant

Alina Eisenhauer, Executive Chef and owner of Sweet Restaurant and Bar on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester is in the process of expanding Sweet's new menu for 2015. 

As GoLocal reported earlier this month, Eisenhauer is also working on a new television called 'Surf n' Gourmet,' a food and travel show. 

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Neil Rogers

Executive Chef for Niche Hospitality Group

Chef Cornelius "Neil" Rogers won the Worcester's Best Chef Competition this past January. At the time, Rogers was the Executive Chef at Volturno on Shrewsbury Street. Nearly a year later, Rogers has left Volturno and has recently signed on with the Niche Hospitality group.

Niche Hospitality owns eight restaurants in Worcester County, Wellesley, and Providence. Their plan is to open a test kitchen with Rogers as the Chef running it and contributing dishes to each of their restaurants menus.

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Deborah L Gonzalez

Quinsigamond Community College Director of Community Programs

As Director of Community Bridges at Quinsigamond Community College, Deborah L. Gonzalez is responsible for a number of programs connecting the College to the city of Worcester. As GoLocal reported in June, Gonzalez was extremely active with programs like the partnership between QCC and the Hector Reyes House. This program allowed thirteen ex-convicts and ex-drug addicts the oppurtunity to take culinary courses and learn to become chefs.

Gonzalez has also served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Centro Las Americas, a social service Latino Community program that is home to the second largest food pantry in Worcester. 

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Deanna Tomasetta

University of Michigan Graduate Heading to NYC to Dance Professionally

After graduating early from the University of Michigan, Worcester's Deanna Tomasetta is packing up her things and moving to New York City to start her dancing career. Although Tomasetta is home for the holidays, she will be heading to NYC within the next few weeks.

"I leave for NYC after New Years. I am super excited. I just finalized my living arrangements and I have a meeting with my agency once I get there and I will be getting into rehearsals with a dance company. I will be auditioning for more dancing opportunities once I get there such as commercial work, and dancing for other dance companies. I also found this newer passion for acting so I am kind throwing myself into the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry and see where that goes," said Tomasetta.

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