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Organize + Energize: 3 Ways Being Organized Will Help You Become More Efficient & Productive!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


You’ll often hear me say that getting organized isn’t just about making a space look neat and pretty. It’s not about clearing spaces once a month. There are many benefits that you can reap by being organized. For me, it’s all about efficiency. Being physically organized is great, but there’s so much more to it! 

Being physically organized is only one aspect. By being organized, you’re also planning and preparing, using to-do lists, a calendar or planning and preparing meals, workouts, etc. You’re creating structure in all aspects of your life. When all of these things come together, you’ll have more free time, less stress, more money in your pocket and you’ll be more efficient and productive. 

Here are 3 ways that being organized will help you become more efficient and productive. 

Less is more. The less you have, the fewer decisions you have to make. For instance, let’s look at your clothes closet. If it’s winter and your summer clothes are mixed in the closet and you’re touching 5 summer outfits before you find the winter outfit you want, you’ve just wasted time. If you have clothes that don’t fit that are mixed in with your current wardrobe, again, think about the time you’re wasting. If there are clothes you’re no longer wearing but you touch them every day to get to the piece you want, you’re wasting more time. Take inventory of your closet and make a plan to streamline and organize it according to how you function.  

Creating Structure.  You can create structure in many ways. You can start using a daily to-do list. Every Sunday, plan and prepare your meals for the week. Use a calendar and mark it up on a daily basis. Start planning your exercise time, even if it’s going for a walk, schedule it.  Get in a routine with household chores and schedule them onto your calendars and to-do lists.  When you have structure and routines, everything gets easier. When an external stressor arrives, it will be that much easier to handle, because you’ll put the fire out and go back to your scheduled routines. If you’re disorganized, it’s going to take you longer to recover.

Releasing mental clutter. Yes, it’s a thing. You can be disorganized in the brain. You may be forgetting to do things, or you feel like you’re losing your mind.  You may have multiple projects going on in the home or at work and you’re stressed to the max. It’s time to get organized in your mind. You can do that by releasing the mental clutter that’s making you feel stressed. Grab a pen and paper and just do a brain dump. Get everything out of your mind and onto paper. Don’t worry if it’s not organized, you can do that once you’re done. Mark up your calendar, plan out your projects, whatever you need to do to get that release. Continue to do this on a daily basis. Can’t sleep, keep a notebook by the bed and jot down anything you need to release in your mind before you go to sleep.

If you’re tired of living a chaotic life, it’s time to make some positive changes. Once you’re physically organized, you can start focusing on the above. In no time, you’ll be running like a well-oiled machine and you’ll wonder why you didn’t tackle this sooner. Break this process down, take it one step at a time and focus on one area at a time.  It’s a big lifestyle change that takes determination, motivation and persistence, but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never look back on your old ways.

Kristin Carcieri-MacRae, is an organizing & efficiency expert and owner of Organizing in RI. Kristin teaches her clients that living an organized lifestyle will save them time and money, decrease their stress levels and help them become more efficient and productive. Her articles have been published in local and national magazines. She has also given over 70 presentations throughout the state. Watch Kristin LIVE every Thursday at 3pm here on GoLocal LIVE with Molly O’Brien.


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