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15 Biggest Lifestyle, Music and Food Stories of 2015 in Central MA

Monday, December 28, 2015


GoLocalWorcester is proud to recap the biggest -- best read -- lifestyle, food and music stories of 2015. These were the stories folks in Central Massachusetts read, shared and discussed.  The stories that created the buzz - from who was the COOLEST to the restaurants we miss -- these were the biggest stories in lifestyle.


Related Slideshow: 15 Biggest Lifestyle, Music and Food Stories of 2015 in Central MA

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The Five Best Italian Restaurants in Central MA -- 2015

In Central Massachusetts you don’t have to go to the North End of Boston or Federal Hill in Providence for superior Italian food. 

If you're looking to experience the taste of Italy, there is no shortage of restaurants offering a large variety of succulent Italian dishes. Pasta, seafood, steak, veal, pizza—whatever your taste buds desire. Here are just a few options in Worcester County.


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20 Hipster Hotspots in Worcester

The term 'hipster' is likely to carry unneccessary and undeserving negative connotations with it. Similarly, the city of Worcester has had its fair share of a negative perception thrown its way. The two combined, however, is an incredibly positive thing for the residents and the city.

The so-called hipster joints in Worcester are restaurants, bars, shops, etc. that are small businesses frequented by young people, or "milennials," that enjoy socializing, music, arts, literature, and good food and drink.

GoLocal Worcester wanted to shed a positive light on these "hipster" places and the people that regularly spend their time and money in these places. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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College Admissions

No one covers college admissions issues like GoLocalWorcester. With a great team of writers their is guidance for every thing to writing an essay to prep for ACTs or why and why not to apply Early Action.

Literally, we write hundreds of stories about colleges and univerisites in New England.

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20 Romantic New England Getaways

GoLocalWorcester set out to find some of the most romantic getaways in New England. All 6 New England states are represented, and we found something to suit everyone's tastes. Check out our 20 most romantic getaways in the slideshow below. Is your favorite not on the list? Let us know what it is in the comments!


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15 New Things Arriving in Central Massachusetts

Change is a good thing, right? Whether you enjoy change or whether you will forever feel very uncomfortable with the concept, Worcester seems addicted to it.

See Slideshow Below: 15 New Things Coming to Central Massachusetts

In an area where road construction is a more common sight than birds in the sky, Central Massachusetts is ready to welcome new stores, events, restaurants, art, and activities.

Worcester’s restaurant and bar scene will soon adopt two major chains, a store just opened that celebrates everything Worcester, and two new hotels hope to attract Worcester’s visitors to stay a little longer.


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25 Fun Things To Do For Free In New England

For some of us, that doesn't leave us with much walking around money.

We've come up with a list of things to do that won't break the bank - in fact, they won't cost you a dime, they're all free!


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25 Things You Didn't Know You Could do in New England


New England has a lot to offer, a lot of great sporting venues, historical places and just places to go have a great time with family and friends. 

However, if you are looking for a new adventure, GoLocal has just the guide for you. In the slideshow below, GoLocal has compiled a list of 25 things you didn't know you could do in New England. 

The activities range from seeing historical sites to sports related items to just flat out adventure, like zip lining. 

Flip through the slideshow below and start planning your next adventure.



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20 Great Restaurants Gone from Worcester That We Want Back

Restaurants come and go all of the time in Worcester. It's really nothing new in this city. However, it hurts a bit when the best places shut their doors and you can never relive the experiences you had there.

WIth that in mind, GoLocalWorcester has put together a list of 20 great restaurants that are gone from Worcester that we would like to see return. Each restaurant on this list has a specific reason of why its return would be welcomed back to Worcester.


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The 20 Best Burgers in Worcester

GoLocalWorcester has comprised a list of the 20 best hamburgers in Worcester.

The 20 burgers on this list range in price between $7 and $21 and account for 33 different toppings.

From Shrewsbury Street to Main South, and downtown to North Worcester, GoLocalWorcester has put together a list with options for every burger lover.


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25 Things in Worcester You Have to Eat Before You Die

There is so much to eat in Worcester and so little time. From a wide range of restaurants in the city, GoLocalWorcester has put together a list of 25 things you should eat in this city before you kick the bucket.

Now this list doesn’t come close to being the best food that Worcester has to offer. Instead, it serves as a guideline of the things you probably should get around to experiencing. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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Worcester's Blarney Stone Named One of the Best Bad Decision Bars in America

Blarney Stone in Worcester has been named one of the 27 "Best Bad Decision Bars in America" by Thrillist.com. According to Thrillist, "The $3 cocktails at Blarney Stone are about 90% liquor and 10% mixer, and the clientele is 100% there for that fact."

Blarney Stone is off of Park Avenue in Worcester and is the epitome of a college bar. It's well known in these parts for its hot bartenders, cheap beer, and arguably the bestTrivia night in the city. 


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After 35 Years, Northworks Bar and Grille Forced to CLOSE

After 35 years of great success, Northworks Bar and Grille is being forced to shut down due to a breakdown in lease negotiations with the property landlord, Northworks Properties.

“We had some extra parking (across the street) that WPI just took over to use for their new building, which is understandable,” said Joe Marrone, owner of Northworks. “But the situation became we were given no allocation during the day for our customers and it was becoming a real problem and effecting sales dramatically.”  READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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Worcester's 10 Coolest People

With temperatures falling below zero, GoLocal Worcester searched the city to find out who could be responsible for this bitter cold Thursday.

What we found was an artist, a baker, a singer, a musician, a DJ, an event planner, a dancer, a marketing guru, a community organizer, and a cupcake maker.

These folks are responsible for the city being so cool lately. And as much heat as they were throwing our way, they were all still too cool.

Worcester is a very cool city, and these next ten people have proven it. GoLocal has put together a list of what the coolest people in Worcester do every day, their passions, their hobbies, and what they strive for in the future.

These ten represent the best of Worcester's arts, music, restaurants, small businesses, and community. READ IT HERE

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10 Things You Must Do In Worcester Before You Die

Let's face it. When it comes to Worcester, there's a lot to do. There's plenty of history, great landmarks, excellent restaurants, a superb nightlife, a solid music scene and wonderful arts.

But what are the things that you have to do? Where are the places you have to see?


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20 Things Worcester Kids Born in the 80s Grew Up With That No Longer Exist

If you were born in Worcester in the 1980s, you've witnessed some serious changes over the last thirty-plus years. You've seen multiple closings of small movie theaters and the openings of multi-screen movieplex-type theaters, neighborhood branch libraries be absorbed into one Worcester Public Library, the closing of several popular department stores, and the slow demise of video stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video in favor of Netflix and On Demand. READ IT HERE


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