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Giorgio: Trump the Triumphal

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Paul Giorgio

I am a junkie. There I said it. Otherwise why would I have watched the Republican debate last week?  Oh, maybe I should be clear.  I’m a political junkie and I guess I needed my fix. It appears that I joined 24 million other Americans in the debate watch. Most of us I think, where just watching to see what Donald Trump would do or say.

We weren’t disappointed.  He was rude and pugnacious and boastful.  None of the qualities I want in a President.  However, he is leading the Republican field.  Part of that is name recognition.  But part is that he has tapped into a streak of anger in America.

Others window dressing.

The other candidates were just window dressing and straight men to play off of.  But some of them had strange answers to some of the moderators’ questions.  For what it is worth I could have been watching one of those wacky religious channels instead of a presidential debate, right down to Ben Carson’s  answer to the reform of the tax code which would include tithing.

What I really don’t understand is how is Ted Cruz, the TEA Party Senator from Texas is even eligible to run.  He was born in Canada-A foreign country to a Cuban father.  He had to renounce his Canadian citizenship recently.  Why is this not an issue, when Donald Trump up until last year was attacking Barak Obama’s citizenship?  I guess if your name is Barak, and your mother was an American and you were born in Hawaii, an American state, you are subject to the Birther movement.  But Republican’s are immune.

Bush & Kasich the only adults.

Jeb Bush and John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio, appeared to be the only two adults in the room. Rand Paul seemed over his head, Chris Christie is just a bully, Marco Rubio seemed too young, Mike Huckabee came across as the huckster he is and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker the bête noire of organized labor was unimpressive to say the least.

But I can away with one thought, after watching the Donald.  This is a big joke like Borat, the mockimentary movie starring Sasha Baron Cohen. Cohen was pretending to be a visitor from Kazakhstan.  Much the same can be said of Trump.  This is an act- a reality TV show that will be shown on FOX.

Reality TV.

Why else would Trump be so outrageous?  He attacked Rosie O’Donnell.  He attacked one of the moderator’s Meagan Kelly.  Then again, maybe Trump just has a problem with strong women.  Let’s see the gender gap that could create in the final election.

Trump began the debate by saying he would not rule out a third party candidacy for president, should he not get the GOP nomination.  He caused every democrats heart to flutter with that one.

If you are interested, I can fill you in on how the rest of this mockimentary titled The Donald runs for President will end.

Trump proceeds to be outrageous, attacking everyone.  He started with Mexicans and moved onto women.  He will end up attacking the base of the Republican Party-the wacko religious right.  He takes on an Arkansas preacher (not Hucstabee) whose religion uses snakes in their services.  Trump charms the snake, which then kills the pastor of the small backwater church.  This gains Trump tremendous publicity but causes him to lose the Republican nomination to Jeb Bush.

Trump in a fit of anger bolts the GOP and runs on the Trump Party ticket.  So named not because he is Donald Trump, but because he thinks he can trump both the Democrats and the Republicans in the November election.

Trump will hold his own convention.

At the Trump Party convention held in one of Donald Trump’s hotels, he tantalizes the delegates, all fat white men who bolted the TEA Party because it was too liberal for them.

The convention hall is wired with the latest applause-o-meters.  Trump trots out his two finalists for his Vice President.  Appearing on the stage with a triumphal Trump are Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney.  Each makes a speech to the delegates.  Cheney talks about how he misses war and how he thinks the pugnacious Trump can get us into a shooting war with Vladimir Putin in no time.

Palin attempts to one up Cheney by claiming that she can shoot Putin from her back porch.  Trump holds up the hands of each as applause fills the ballroom of the Trump hotel.

You will have to wait for the sequel to see who is chosen and who wins the presidency.


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