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Newport Manners & Etiquette:  Polo Tailgating + What to Say About Dyed Hair + Curb Your Dog

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


Polo season is here with its tailgate picnics, you feel like taking longer walks with your dog, but picking up after it is good manners. And how to break your guy's dyed hair habit. All questions to Didi Lorillard at NewportManners this week.

Polo and picnics

Q. We're meeting friends at Newport polo for tailgating. We've been asked to bring food for a potluck picnic. What are we expected to bring? What should we know about going to a polo tournament?  E+WG, Newport, RI


A.  Find out exactly where on the polo grounds you're meeting your friends to see if they've reserved tailgate parking that includes your car. But don't worry, general parking not on the sidelines is free. As they may have a seasonal corporate membership or have reserved numbered spaces for a number of cars. Find out. Go online (nptpolo.com) ahead of time to see where to park. If there isn't space for your car in the reserved section, you want to know where to find your friends. Every individual over 15-years of age pays general admission in a tailgate reserved area, whether their car is parked there or not. Figure out if you'll need to reimburse your friends and ask what you can contribute, or offer to bring items from the list below.

What to wear:  

  • No riding clothing of any kind. Look like a guest and not a groomsman.
  • Dress code is Smart Casual. Meaning your best relaxed clothing: white or colored trousers, blue blazer, sundress, beautiful hat and big sunglasses, shoes that won't sink into the turf and get caught in the divots at halftime.
  • Take along plenty of sunscreen and wet wipes.


What to bring in your picnic basket:

  • A cotton blanket or French tablecloth and plenty of napkins, cloth or paper.    
  • No beach umbrella because you'll block someone else's view, but you can bring folded lawn chairs.
  • Lots to drink to keep throats from getting parched.
  • Cheese and crackers, fruit, Champagne, Prosecco, and ingredients to make Pimm's Cups.
  • Prepare your picnic ahead of time.
  • Bring ice, utensils, paper plates, glasses.
  • Alternatively, there are many places to buy picnic food on the island: Rosemary & Thyme Cafe (rosemaryandthymecafe.com), Sweet Berry Farm (sweetberryfarm.com), Flo’s Clam Shack (flosclamshacks.com) and the Newport Lobster Shack (newportlobstershack.com) — all terrific sources for prepared picnic food.


What to bring to impress:

  • Pimm's Cups:  Easy to prepare when you arrive at your tailgate destination. Use the English liquor Pimm's Cup No.1 poured over ice in a tall glass (or paper cup) with a slice of lemon and cucumber peel and topped off with a splash of a fruit flavored drink, such as Del's Lemonade or the less sweet La Croix fruit flavored soda water.
  • Sandwiches on soft rolls or in wraps:  tuna, chicken or egg salad, slicked turkey and cheese with bacon or avocado, along with chips.
  • Desserts:  brownies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon squares and fruit salad flavored with a splash of Pimm's.
  • To the best of your ability, try to stay plastic free; plastic bags are increasingly frowned upon. 
  • Use a straw basket to carry in your food and take out your waste.


What to tell a man about dyed hair

Q.  Didi, how do I tell my man that he shouldn't dye his hair? It looked OK up until a couple of years ago when a bald spot became very apparent on the top of his head. But now, really, who has dark brown hair hanging down from a big bald spot? He should wear his baldness as a crown and not be so vain. Anyone who looks at him knows his hair is colored to cover the grey.  Name Withheld


A.  People with dyed hair look in the mirror and identify with their younger self. Dark brown hair is a big part of your man's identity -- including, possibly, his virility.  Many of us carry over our patterns from our 20s and 30s into later adulthood. We tend to look at faces, storing and retrieving what's familiar.

That said, take a good sized hand mirror and have him look at the reflection of the back of his head in a bathroom mirror. He cannot see the back and top of his head unless you show it to him. Give him a warm hug and tell him you love him and want him to stop dying his hair. This is what you can say to him:

  • His dyed hair is habit. He doesn't know how to stop coloring it. Propose that he go to a good barber and have it shorn way down and the hair will grow in the color of his remaining natural hair. Over time he'll get used to going au naturel when he's rid of the dyed hair look that makes wrinkled faces look even older.
  • Mention that dying his hair is not healthy for his scalp. Suggest that his baldness may well have been advanced by the harmful toxins in the hair dye.


Difficult neighbor

Q.  Glancing out the window I spy a woman looking the other way as her dog did his business in the narrow flowerbed that separates our house from the one next door. I ran out to tell her that the dog can't poop there. She said she didn't know what he was doing because she wasn't looking. On a leash, she had stopped walking to let him do his business. I told her to pick it up. She reluctantly found a poo bag and pretended to be picking up her dog's stool. 

Going back into the house I turned my head to see her allowing her dog to continue and asked her once more to get it out of my flowerbed. She pretended to be looking in the foliage. Back in the house I saw her sticking the poo bag back in her pocket while her dog continued pooing. I ran outside again and told her that there was a dog park half a block up the street. Indignant I asked, "How can you let your dog do that? I'm the one who weeds this garden? Now, in a rage, SHE said, "I live in this neighborhood and other people's dogs do their stuff in my yard all the time." 

I don't want to get a Curb Your Dog sign for my driveway. What do you recommend?  EP, Newport


A.  Sprinkle cayenne pepper or any product made to deter critters (deer, rabbits, and dogs) along the border of your flowerbed. Dogs will step up their pace as they walk by in disgust. The scents of previous dogs will disperse. Look at the weather forecast before laying it down so that rain doesn't immediately wash the deterrent away. 

In the meantime, find out what the fine is in your town for not cleaning up after your dog. Next time you spy an interloper, tell the dog walker that there is a $400 fine for not cleaning up after Fido. Why do dog owners feel that their pet can do anything? Don't get me wrong, I love dogs.

Didi Lorillard researches manners and etiquette at NewportManners.


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Sipping Del's Lemonade on a Hot Day 

While you can probably find Del's Lemonade somewhere during any month of the year, drinking it in the winter is just not the same as when it is a hot day in the midst of summer. 

As summer approaches, be sure to locate our nearest Del's Lemonade stand. 

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Providence, RI

Waterfire is back for the summer and it's an event and experience that must be had. 

Waterfire is Providence's signature event bringing in people from all over New England and the country to see it. 

A great night out for families and couples alike. 

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Visiting Southwick Zoo 

Mendon, Ma 

Can't wait to get back to the zoo and visit the animals at Southwick Zoo. Be sure to check out the new baby zebra that the zoo just welcomed. 

The Zoo is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Click here for more information. 

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Taking a Cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee aboard the M/S Mount Washington

New Hampshire

Lake Winnipesaukee offers some of the best scenery in all of New England and there is no better place to see it from then the M/S Mount Washington. 

Click here for more information.

PHOTO: Winnipesaukee.com

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The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival 

Burlington, Vermont

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival takes place from June 1 to June 10 in downtown Burlington, Vermont. 

This 10 day celebration features four stages with free live music from Leslie Odom Jr. and more. The festival also will feature local food and much more. 

For more information, click here. 

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Walking Along Narragansett Beach 

Narragansett, RI

Look forward to taking a stroll all the way from chair six to chair one as the waves crash along the shore.

Keep an eye out for sea glass as Narrow River or The Towers come into view.

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Taking a Cruise on a Windjammer 


Head to Maine and sleep aboard a National Landmark, the Maine Windjammer Fleet. 

Go on a three, four or six-day cruise and get closer than ever before to wildlife like whales, eagles, and porpoises while you see some of the best coastal scenery that North America has to offer. 

Click here for more information. 

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Providence, RI 

After a successful first festival, the PVDFest returns to Providence for the third year and will take place from June 7 to June 10. 

The festival will bring in art, music, performances and more from all over the United States and the world for the free outdoor festival.

Click here for more information. 

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Catching a Worcester Bravehearts Game 

Worcester, Ma 

Year after year, the Worcester Bravehearts are one of the best baseball teams in New England. 

They bring in some of the best college talent from across the region to compete for the Futures League Championship. 

Don't miss a game. 

Click here for more information.

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Newport Folk Festival 

Newport, RI

The Newport Folk Festival is set to be held from July 27-29 and will feature bands such as Wilco, Fleet Foxes, and The Avett Brothers. 

Don't miss out on one of the biggest concert events of the summer. 

Click here for more info

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Visiting Cape Playhouse Theatre 

Cape Cod

Taking a ride to Cape Cod and visit the oldest summer theatre in the country, Cape Playhouse. Cape Playhouse was first opened in 1927 by Raymond Moore. 

The theatre has been home to some of the biggest stars to ever grace a stage like Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart amongst others.

Click here for more information

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Enjoying the South County Hot Air Balloon Fest 

Kingston, RI 

There is nothing quite like the Hot Air Ballon Fest. This is the place to enjoy glowing hot air balloons, crafts, music, food, fishing, carnival rides, fireworks, and more.

The festival will be held from July 20-22 on the URI athletic fields. 

Click here for more information

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Participating in the Worcester World Cup 2018

Worcester, MA

The 2017 Worcester World Cup is set to take place from Friday, August 10 to Sunday, August 12. 

The Worcester World Cup is more than a soccer tournament. It's a celebration of Worcester and a safe, friendly family event that people look forward to all year.

Click here for more information

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Newport Jazz Festival 

Newport, RI

The 2018 festival is set to take place from Friday, August 3 to Sunday, August 5. 

The festival will show off over 50 individual jazz ensembles on four stages including performances at the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Fort Adams State Park.

Click here for more information

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Seeing a Movie at the Rustic Drive-In

North Smithfield

Look forward to Calling up your friends, pack a picnic, and sit in your car as feature films are projected on giant outdoor screens.

The audio plays right through your radio, so be sure to turn the volume up high as you snack on your candy and popcorn. 

Click here for more information

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Zip Lining in the Berkshires 

Looking for something new and exciting? Head to the Berkshires and get yourself on a zip line, maybe even do a canopy tour. 

There are three different tour options, starting with the base area tour which lasts an hour or the Moutain Top or Valley Jump tour which takes three hours. Both of those are sure to shoot some adrenaline into your day. 

Click here for more information

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Watching 4th of July Fireworks

The 4th of July, the holiday of the summer. 

It is never too early to start planning your day and figuring out exactly where you are going to watch a parade and fireworks this year. 

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Eating a Clam Cake From Flo’s

Portsmouth, Middletown

Be excited about heading to Flo's and taking a bite of a Flo’s clam cake and you’ll understand why they’ve been around since 1936.

Dip it in a side of tartar sauce or enjoy as is.

Click here for more information

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The Little League World Series 

While the Little League World Series does not take place in New England, the series is arguably the marquee sporting event of the summer. 

There will be a New England team in it this year and therefore, the Little League World Series is always something to look forward to

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Boston Calling 

Boston, Ma

Boston Calling, the first New England music festival of the season kicks off in downtown Boston on the weekend of May 25 to the 27.

The festival features a performance from Eminem and much more. 

Click here for more information

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Vermont Summer Festival 

Manchester, Vermont

The Vermont Summer celebration features everything from horses to shopping at onsite boutiques and plenty of places for food and drinks.

The celebration takes place from July 3 through August 12. 

Click here for more information 

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Playing Golf at Harbor Lights

Warwick, RI 

Harbor Lights in Warwick offers golfers a great place to tee it up this summer. 

Not to mention the amazing scenery and the great food at the Par + Tackle restaurant. 

Click here for more information 

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RI International Film Festival 

The Rhode Island International Film Festival will celebrate their 35th anniversary beginning on August 7 and going through August 12. 

The Festival features the best local films made with some of the best local talent. 

Click here for more information

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Catching a PawSox Game at McCoy 

Pawtucket, RI

Nothing says summer time like sitting at McCoy Stadium and watching a Pawtucket Red Sox game. 

While the PawSox are already in action, the weather is getting warmer and it will be much more comfortable to go out to a game. 

Click here for more information

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Billy Joel at Fenway Park

Boston, MA

For the 5th consecutive year, rock and roll legend Billy Joel will play Fenway Park. 

Billy Joel released his first hit song, arguably still his biggest hit, Piano Man in 1973 and since then has become the 6th best-selling recording artist and the third best-selling solo artist in the United States. 

Joel was inducted into the  Songwriters Hall of  Fame in 1992 and then the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. 

Click here for Tickets


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